[JP] 11/9 Winter Party + Chaldea Fairy Knight Cup "Triumph of the Second Generation" Stream

The upcoming Lottery Event will take place sometime in early November 2022 and requires completion of LB6 in order to participate in the Main Quests of the event. Players who have cleared Fuyuki but not LB 6 will still be able to participate in the Event but not the Main Quests.

A Campaign will run from the 2nd to the 9th to get players ready for the event.

A special login bonus will run from the 3rd to the 10th and will reward 1 Golden Apple a day.

A limited Set of Master Missions for Advanced Quests will be available during the Campaign. Clear 3 Advanced Quests to earn 5 3* HP Fous, 5 3* ATK Fous, and 3M QP.

All Ember Gathering and Training Ground Quests will be available during the Campaign.

There will be 1/2 AP for all Interludes and Enhancement Quests.

Summoning Banner featuring Morgan and the Valentine Witches CE

Event News

Pre-Event Campaign News

Stream to start on November 9th at 1900 JST. Stream will cover information on the upcoming Winter Campaign and last information on the event before it’s probable release after the Stream.

The following people will be involved:

  • Ayako Kawasumi (Artoria)
  • FGO Staff

Stream info

Youtube Stream

Live translation by Tolovetrouble



Winter Party Information

Game information


Hoping the event is more Takeshi’s Castle than Ninja Warrior


Oh look! A new Morgan banner! I totally didn’t see this one coming!

NP5 Morgan as F2P is no longer a dream!

Interesting that you can participate in the event but not in the main quest. :fgo_seibathink:

Regarding the banners, I’m totally blank. Samurai or ninja but blank.


Well shit… I wanted to roll for Oberon and after that try my luck for another copy of Morgan, to hell goes my planning.

I wonder what are the implications regarding Xmas this year… If they do run a Xmas event surely won’t be another lotto so soon after this one.


4 banners in less than 2yrs…


Morgan is the new Gil change my mind


Oh look she’s back to take my quartz and give me nothing in return again :fgo_sadtomoe:

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Summer Morgan is pretty much etched in stone.


I believe this is the Christmas lotto. They plan to release LB7 (part 1 probably) in December and that will take most of the month.

Maybe they will add a Christmas rerun, Karnamas?
Maybe they will also add a Christmas event that is not a lotto?

In any case, I heard that leakers said we would be having morganfest so it seems they were right.

Summer Morgan is not by any means a certainty (even if it is a no brainer). Just look at Eresh, she had her own lotto, is an extremely beloved and popular unit and has not had a swimsuit in over 5 years.

P. S. If we get a 5* baghrest at any point before next year I swear I will have to sell my kidneys in 2 years…

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I saw some random leak a couple of weeks ago, it was about a Xmas LB6-centered event but this one doesn’t seem too Chirstmasy. Not sure if you are talking about the same leak.


We joked about Morganfest last year lol.


Maybe it was you guys I remember then?

I just remember reading somewhere that a morganfest was coming. I thought it was a leak but maybe it was just posts on this forum? =s




Don’t insult gil like that

It was going to happen, her own lines said she wanted to make a festival.

Can’t wait for her new voice lines where she wants her or Sith to be Santa. I’d bet that’d get a rerun.


Santa Sith to go with SSR Krampus Morgan.


We did not. We meant every word of it. It was Clairvoyance EX+ :fgo_seibasurf:


Only when she starts showing up in every Thanksgiving

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Morganfest was the main prediction on appmedia for the LB6 event so it’s been a popular theory.

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