[JP] 12/31 FATE Project New Year's Eve TV Special 2022

Stream to start on December 31st at 2200 JST and end at about 2355 JST. Stream to commemorate the upcoming New Year and to cover news on the various upcoming FATE Projects.

Fate/strange Fake - Whispers of Dawn-

Special footage of the upcoming Fate/strange Fake anime will be shown along with a live concert by Hiroyuki Sawano

Fate/Grand Carnival

TV premiere of the Second Singularparty: Night Singularity Kabukicho Episode from the 1st Season of Fate/Grand Carnival

Fate/Grand Order

A look back on what has happened in FGO in 2022 and upcoming game news. Studio DLE will also be showing off a short animation.

The following people will be involved:

  • Mafia Kajita
  • Ayako Kawasumi (Artoria)
  • Chiaki Kobayashi (Bartholomew Roberts)
  • Minami Tanaka (Ortlinde, Nitocris)

Mahoutsukai no Yoru/ TYPE-MOON TIMES

An overview of Mahoutsukai no Yoru after it’s release.

The following people will be involved:

  • Yūsuke Kobayashi ( Soujuurou Shizuki)
  • Chika Anzai ( Kojika Kumari)

Stream Situation

The New Years Stream will be on Nico Nico Live and ABEMA instead of Youtube. Both streaming sites are region locked and may not be available for some people unless you have a VPN. The best option is to find a re-streamer like on Bilibili.

Nico Nico Live



Live translation by Tolovetrouble

Commemorative Campaign News Page

Stream News Page


Reserved for recap

Anime News

Game News


she’s the old one right? or did she replace takahashi rie? i forget the order…

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Waiting for batman info is going to feel like the longest two days of my life :fgo_insane:

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also, managed to buy quartz on jp by creating a 2nd google account on an old phone. now i can do gssr. yay!!


It’s actually Nitocris’s VA. Don’t know how I made that mistake considering the number of times she’s been on stream.


Following the usual pattern this year is a Saber right?


Crossing fingers for Beni Alter

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Crossing fingers for anything but Beni Alter :fgo_dechi:

Give my OG Beni a Spiritron Dress and a nice buff Lasagna, plz :pray:


After others pointed out different hit counts on her animations i lost my hope for that

But yes that would be nice


Honestly, I see evidence pointing towards both sides. Hit counts are different, yes, but the animations themselves are the usual and very limited.

The thing is… For what I’ve read in the LB7 so far, there is also Kingprotea alter in a similar situation and I think one or two other potential alters could appear in Part 2. Moreover, there is already a lot of new original servants in Part 1 so all of them plus 3 or 4 completely new alters seems a bit overkill imo. But we will see.


Hitcount changing spirit dresses could be a thing :thinking:


A friend just gave me this link Tokyo Mx Tv (JP) in Live Streaming - CoolStreaming

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This could easily be looked at and understood incorrectly…no judging :fgo_judge:

Reminder that the stream is at a later time due to New Years and should be about 7 hours from now.

Make sure to double check you’re streaming situation and be aware of any back ups because last year’s situation was extremely hectic with all the juggling.


damn, so 7 in the morning for me. wonder if i can wait til 730 to wake to see if we get a new coin update.

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Strengthening for Gilgamesh and Enkidu

Gilgamesh: [ all seen (who saw everything ) EX ]

  • 1st Skill Strengthend
  • Now applies a (10 - 20)% NP Damage Buff to Heaven/Sky allies (3 turns)
  • Now comes with a (10 - 20) Crit Star Bomb

Enkidu: [ wisdom of the people (Tami no Eichi ) A+ ]

  • 3rd Skill Strengthened
  • Now comes with a (30 - 50)% NP Battery

Heaven/Sky Servants



regarding Gil’s new trait shenanigans
does anyone see an obvious pattern here I’m missing?

it looks to generally involve some rank of divinity and exclude foreigners but idk what conditional allows pseudo Ishtar and Bazett but excludes Taiga or how Chloe snuck on there

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These buffs are great. Specially the Enkidu one, could position him as a great farmer for irregular nodes…


What is Unknow Trait ? :thinking:

Endiku and Gil once again buffed. The 50% battery for Endiku is nice :3