[JP] 16th Interlude Campaign

Campaign to run from the 23rd to the 30th and there will be 1/2 AP for all Interludes.

The following Servants are getting Skill Strengthenings:

  • Saber Astolfo
  • Caenis
  • Salieri

The following Servants are just getting the story/SQ

  • Mandricardo
  • Anastasia
  • Salome
  • Yang Guifei

Saber Astolfo:

  • 1st Skill Strengthened
  • Now comes with a 10 - 20% NP Battery on top of the NP Regen
  • Now comes with a 10 - 20 Crit Star Bomb


  • 2nd Skill Strengthned
  • Now comes with a 5-15 Crit Star Regen/3 turns
  • Now comes with a 20% NP Battery


  • 3rd Skill Strengthend
  • Now applies a 1000-2000% Star Weight Buff to self/1 turn
  • Now applies a 50 - 100% Crit Damage Buff to self/1 turn

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Buff for best Pianist-Murder machine. The thing ever.


Another missed opportunity to buff Anastasia. We have got two SQ interludes of her now. C’mon DW :catlie:


I was hoping for a Yang Guifei rate up to come with this


Where Yang guifei and Sastolfo rate up DW ??? :catcry:


Oh hell yea, Caenis finally getting some love


All these buffs are pretty good, I guess Caenis’ is aimed at acquiring and using an NP brave chain (since it’s where their crit up is), Lancer star weight is 2nd only to Rider so I guess it’s no biggie they have no star gather, seeing as that 15 passive stars wouldn’t be the only source with Caenis as point e.g. Merlin/2030.

No LB6 part 2 banner after all, must be because the 2nd section of LB6 comes so soon.

Am I reading it right, or is Astolfo’s extremely good? Because that 20% charge now means he generates 80% NP on his own (20% + 20% x3 turns). Combine that with the crit star bomb that both aids his 3rd skills crit damage buff potential and helps further charge his NP with Arts/Quick crits. That’s pretty crazy.


Not really. His skills are good and NP is good too, but unfortunately his base NP gain is bad for his deck iirc.


It seems to me to be more a buff that reads well - it doesn’t seem to compliment his most obvious playstyle to me as opposed to an NP gain up. It helps him get his first NP off to get the engine going without an MLB scope, but other than that I think that 20% instant will mostly go to waste, since you’re basically obligated to pop it turn 1 to help with refund and there’s not that many situations, even with specialist plug supports, where that instant 20% is making the difference for a T1 NP, other than of course the MLB scope factor.

It’s a good buff, but I think it could have been a little more directed and specialised as opposed to just hehe instant gauge.


I haven’t run a refund calc but surely the extra charge and more consistent crit chains/overgauges are going to make him a pretty good Skadi ST looper?

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With Astolfo you can now pop Skadi’s battery and Castoria’s charisma turn 1 while saving Castoria’s 20% battery for later on top of the 2nd Skadi’s battery. Definitely helps him a lot to loop with no charge CEs.

Seeing another buster servant get only a 20% battery is bad civ. Might as well just buff dreamlike charisma to 30% to help these poor bastards.


Weren’t Archers the second best when it comes to star weight?


Salieri finally getting the star absorb skill he should have had right from the start.

Seriously, there should be a rule that non-AE Extra classes intended to serve as DPS should have some way to enable crits or else quickly charge up their NP. A buff of this nature would be great on Nobbu Avenger for example


Hell yeah Salieri
My lvl 90, 10/10/10 Piano boy is ready!
…in two years…

Still that buff is amazing, helps his big issue of terrible star weight and low crit boost while also boosting his loop ability even further.


This is archer, not Lancer

Lancers need a star pull, sadly


In what interlude do you fight Arjuna alter?

Also lol Okitas buff compared to Astoflos. Gonna buff Santa Karna next, DW?

I’ll be real with you, i have no idea where this fight is from.