[JP] 16th Interlude Campaign

DW pulled a big brain and buffed all the Art servants in one go


The Salieri buff is great, he really needed something that wasn’t 3 time, 3 turns like pretty much his entire kit is, so I’m glad they’re switching things up again.

Caenis’ buff is pretty nice, though I was kinda hoping for a Monstrous Strength purge, but gotta wait I guess.

Astolfo’s is just a mess. He already had the most crazy charge-per-turn on a 5 turn cooldown, so getting a buff on top of that is probably going to bring up the cursed Rider Astolfo buff conversation again over on the servant buff thread. :fgo_piggy:


It’s 3 times/5-turns on a 5-turn cooldown!

Time it right and he can land 130% crit damage. That should be an easy loop.

Astolfo got a great buff to keep Riyo happy and that’s good civilization.

Oh yeah, forgot it’s 3 times, 5 turns on everything.
Not sure why I was thinking 3 time, 3 turns, maybe it’s on the mind due to recent Mana Burst buff trends.


After that Nursery Rhyme. :fgo_badciv:

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all nursery needs is an arts up for herself. She’s decently tanky, has good battery and can crit decently