JP 2020 schedule

Well, since playing fgo Jp is pretty much going to hell with your eyes closed I decided to make this in hope it can help us know what to expect in this year new banners and events.

Also if I got anything wrong or forgot something please tell me down below and also this is all speculation all of this could changeif they want to, I’m only using last year’s events to get an idea of what will come outs in 2020.

February let’s star with what can we expect for the rest of the month:

  • first we’ll get the new Valentine event with a new quick archer who comes to power creep the crap out of Santa nightingale.

  • then we should get a new event to cover for ccc (i presonally think it could be a new onigashima-like event since both shuuten and kintoki got free versions so saber raikou when dw?) and kingprotea will probably be back for another event a #million download campaign. … so as always, Valentine is a bait.



  • this moth will be come with 2 reruns and hopefully we’ll get both of them and fishing off the moth with a chance to summon our favorite thots.


  • first there no telling if we’ll get the 19 mill campaign around this time but let’s assume that we’ll do, it will probability feature some beloved limited like Eresh, godjuna, kingprotea, miyu etc.

  • we should also get a new event around this time and hopefully a new free servant.

  • both the El-meloi events should get a rerun, maybe as a commemoration/anniversary for the anime.



  • this is gonna be a quiet moth with only 1 rerun and a chance to get everyone’s favorite edgy waifu and maybe a new event.

  • not much else aside that we got hunting quest part V this month last year.



  • ok there is no telling when the next LB chapter is gonna drop but probably we get a new chapter around this time of the year at least.

  • if we assume that we get the 20 mill download campaign at this moth will probability get a new SR if we get lucky, or the legendary SSR ticket (haha yeah… that’s never gonna happen)

July - August

  • we’ll first get the GUDAGUDA final event and nagao as a free servant for those who didn’t get her last year.

  • Summer 4 (las vegas) will be moved to July to cover for summer 3 and will probability take the rest of the month till August.

  • Note that summer 4 was the only even in August last year cuz it was so long, so summer 5 will probability take most of August.

  • also remember that around early August is when fgo fest take place so keep it in mind for what servant they’ll release there (it won’t be muramasa and you know it… cries)


  • this should be a fun month with a new event to replace gilfest.

  • we’ll also probably get the Babylonia campaign to commemorate the anime since the release (also remember that the Camelot movie comes out this year and there will probability be a campaign for that too and we might get a SR ticket from at least one of those)

October - November

  • as I see it Saber wars 2 (if we actualy get the rerun this year) will probably be moved at the start of October to make place to the new Halloween event (if we actually get it this time).

  • then there should be the 21 (?) Mill download campaign

  • for the Christmas event last year we only got one cuz samba quetz didn’t have a rerun so anything can happen, but there a big chance we first get the nightingale rerun and then a new Christmas event since there wasn’t any event in December last year aside from LB 5

Maybe JP will get Christmas 4 rerun around February 21st?

That is when they celebrate Carnival in Brazil and would make a good alternative time to release samba Quetz


I see on other site LB5 Olympus released on Spring 2020.
Guda Rerun most likely on june if another new event take it place.