[JP] 23 Million DL Campaign

23 Million Download Campaign featuring Arthur and CE’s from the Chaldea Boys Collection 2017 that will run from February 24th to March 3rd.

A bunch of stuff that’s typical of DL Campaigns:

  • 7 day login bonus that rewards apples, 4* EXP, Fous, QP, and tickets
  • A 4 day login bonus that rewards mana prisms, Fous, and a rare prism
  • Limited missions that reward a bunch of the 5* EXP
  • Increased success rate of Servant and CE strengthening
  • 1/2 AP for Servant Strengthening Quests
  • Increased FP from borrowing from friends

Some new stuff:

  • New Extra Missions added to the Master Mission list that rewards up to 30 SQ for having a certain amount of Servants at certain levels
  • I believe the first time that QP costs are reduced to 1/4 for Servant and Craft Essence strengthening
  • The White Vessel’s Command Seal Command Code is being added to the Da Vinci Shop
  • The Chaldea Dinner Time CE and the Dragon Slayer’s Sword Command Code is being added to the rare prism shop
  • Ability to mark who’s your favorite Servant on your Support list

Arthur Skill Strengthening:

  • Mana Burst skill is strengthened
  • The Buster buff now lasts for 3 turns
  • Now applies a (20-30)% NP gain buff to self (3 turns)

Summoning Banner featuring Arthur and the Chaldea Boys Collection 2017 CEs. A rare chance to get a Taunt CE


Yes, finally! :sob:

My King got a nice buff! :fgo_arthurnervous:

Now where’s my Prototype collaboration, DW?


artoria fans in shabmles again

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now give him a crit buff

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He has one tho


i didn’t realize he already has one…

Soon, sooon :fgo_buster: a bit over 4 months left to wait :fgo_buster:


I think this buff is mediocre. He needs NP strengthening more than skill upgrade.

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wait a second, a 3 turn 50% buster up? what’s next, 3T 100% crit up on hero creation :fgo_buster:





tenor (1)

Tbh Merlin kinda needs it.


No SR ticket


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Why would you expect one?

30 SQ for 3 lvl 100 servants? Not bad


I agree tbh

It’s fair imo considering the arts meta rn

Because I joined the game for an SR Ticket and that was during a DL campaign

Well you got lucky, SR tickets just aren’t that common.

The second big thing in 2021 and it’s only Feb

Let’s keep this pace going :fgo_meltstash:

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I think the last few tickets has been on DL milestone with multiples of 5 so this was never going to have it

Only understand several limited mission -_-
My japanese really worst