[JP] 4* Berserker Kriemhild

I haven’t heard her My Room lines yet, but her battle lines are so pained and raw I started getting secondhand heartache. Amazing design too. Junao exists so I don’t really need her, but all of this is worth a few rolls anyway.


She looks good. Nice design, well-built and finally a dragon slayer that will also always have class advantage. :fgo_bblaugh:


Still dun get y she berserk, she be avenger!

Also that Bond CE…it makes me sad. :fgo_brynsad:

Anyway, totally rolling for her. :fgo_insane:


With Morgan and Arjuna out there they probably figured berserkers need really good kits to stand out.

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Hmmm, lots of lore going around, it’s always great to see the Norse myths get their rep. The “original” (in so much as historians can verify) myth without the forgetfulness potion, proves to be an interesting thing to me, cause the Kriem we get there is much closer I feel to the vibes we get from FGO’s version’s NP. She’s justifiably angry and vengeful about her husband’s death, but it is distinctly clear that she is losing her mind to her vengeance too (zerk tendencies). Her bid for revenge is truly a marvel to behold, as while it is true she wanted her vengeance in blood the prose also makes it clear that her plot for revenge is brought about by her husband’s scheming to get the hoard as opposed to her actively seeking it out. She’s truly more of a victim spurred by her circumstances. Something that from what I gather from her voicelines FGO tries to emphasize. This is why she may fit zerker really well, as opposed to Avenger. She did avenge, but ultimately she’s also a victim of her own vengeance and that fact truly drove some part of her mad from FGO’s rep from what I understand.

Also reminder that in FGO Sigurd and Siegfried are different people who had remarkably similar legends that according to fate lore meshed together when being compiled. This is also the reason Fate’s version use some definite spellings to kinda make everything and everyone clear on the fact. Sigurd met Brynhildr, a Valkyrie. Siegfried meets Bruunhilde, a Queen of a faraway kingdom. Sigurd marries Gundrun and Siegfried marries Kriemhild. For us over in the real world, this is just the many variations their names have undergone, in Fate they are different and remarkably similar tale of two heroes.

Which brings me to an interesting way Nasu paints them, in Sigurd’s case Bryn is seen as the main heroine, a tragic Valkyrie deceived of her lover, the grief of which causes her to murder him and bring misfortune upon his new wife. It’s also how Aslaug exists iirc. In Siegfried’s case it is Kriemhild who is seen as the heroine, it is implied Bruunhilde may have lied about the whole he slept with me thing or that she accused him for no other reason that to save face knowing it was false, and the focus is on Kriem’s tragedy. Svanhild is also mentioned in Siegfried’s case as his only heir.

I just find Fate’s way of doing things very interesting sometimes. :fgo_seibathink:


On to the woman herself, I love her. Got her on JP and she’s a real treat, I hope my NA can get her too. Not much to say except she be solid in my books.



You mean like Atalante Alter’s Battle cries? That raw energy/pain really comes through whenever I field her. For Kriemhild, I’m seeing something pretty similar, definitely lots bloodshed and a mangled backstory from the poem’s synopsis given above — so definitely very fitting (just like Alter) if so.

On a more direct note to the thread, I’m initially pretty drawn to her character/design. I like the facial and overall shading style of Konoe, as it’s probably why I dig a number of Apocrypha servants. Again, remarkably interesting (and complex) back story too. The revenge story archetype and her visual design are definitely matching here so that’s a ‘+’. That said, I think I’ll have to do a little digging myself to process her lore (both OG & Fate) more slowly and make a judgment.

Oh, I didn’t mention gameplay tho. The 50% battery is definitely wack. Skill department is very loaded with utility — Def down, Crit res down, and a even a selectable taunt. The only thing I see missing is a more direct form of defense. I also think one would probably want at least NP2+ for solid damage in addition. Can’t count on spooks as she’s limited.

Overall a really promising servant I’d say.


Don’t know anything about her. I see hot emo looking girl, so I like.


Well it looks like I found my big target for 2024 if nothing changes
Will try for np2 and level 90 at minimum, really awesome design and kit, plus she’s really pretty. I just hope her character is as good as her design. Hopefully my Siegfreid being np5 and grailed to 90 won’t make her avoid me since they have a complicated relationship. :catroll:


Cool, but did you check her skill names? :fgo_bbgrin: :fgo_sthenosmug:

FGO is doing some funny things with lores.

Also, I wonder if Avengers can get the Madness EX. :fgo_seibathink:

Interesting that you mentioned her. I feel a lot of similarities too. Like the clothes colours, face colour, hair colour, and classes.

Btw something I wondered for some time. Why is one of the voice lines for Atalante Alter’s NP a miserable scream about her not being wrong? (while it sounds like she’s trying to convince herself) What went wrong?


I really like her, she is cool and pretty.
Damn Siegfried, i really really love your wife


It’s usually bizarre how they handle legends but it’s rarely boring.

Rather satisfied with the woman.


If you mean her NP, then yeah I saw that Gudrun on the name.


It is actually the Balmung though, and worth noting Germanic weapons underwent name changes depending on owners sometimes. Gudrun is a name that is closely related to her Kingdom (Burgundy) and her brother (Gunther) who was king at the time. She was a Queen of Siegfried’s kingdom/state still, but in this retelling of the myth her brother holds on to the hoard (the reason why Attli comes for them), which would include the sword. Add in the the fact that Gudrun is her name from Sigurd’s myths irl, I can see why they may consider it a good name for her NP.

Granted it is speculation, and there may be some shenanigans like mixed spirit origins at work for all I know.


As for Avengers with Madness EX, who knows? We have all sorts of passives these days. But she’s a zerk, and I’d say with the emphasis and interpretation they’re going for it’s warranted. She is an avenger to be sure, but she’s also as I said, a woman driven mad by her revenge whereas the likes of Jalter and Dantes did not go mad (crazy certainly, but not mad). She fits the Avenger mold, but Zerk fits her just as well.


I for one like this interpretation. It’s fun to see how they make two heroes from a single root, better yet when you add in the different ppl with similar roles into the mix, it doesn’t change the myth, it changes the reasons and emphasis to make it work. Points for creative interpretation.



I don’t recall if I ever made a sort of announcement/rule about this, but whenever I post the name of a skill or NP it’s just the machine translated version I get from Google translate. Like the whole thing machine translated gives me [The exiled magic sword, the fall of the Holy QueenBalmung Gudrun]

The GP page has it listed as Balmung Kriemhild and I trust them with regards to any skill/NP translations


Honestly, i prefer this approach to the whole syncretism they do so much.

Sigurd and Bryn are the more “idealized” tale while Siegfried’s and Kriemhldr is more messy.

She does say Kriemhldr instead of Gudrun during gameplay.


Hmmm, that’s fair. Still great work as always. So I guess it really is fully Kriemhild then.


I feel like they’re both messed up in their own right, it’s ultimately as a matter of what perspective we see it from, and Sigurd/Bryn comes off as a happier tale if only cause their FGO “conclusion” is a jollier one.

Siegfried and Kriem on the other hand, it was clear from the wee Apoc days that there was tangled thorn in that one.

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Indeed. Then there’s no doubt. Aww…man, it was just getting fun.

Still rolling for her though. :fgo_buster:
Though I fear I will only get Charlemagne instead…

…and I’m stupid, lol. I just scrolled up, saw the NP video and it says it directly that it’s Balmung - Kriemhild. :fgo_danzoblush:



All hope is not lost then. Who knows Avenger Gudrun may one day come to FGO?


Believe in the me that believes in your gacha luck.


Yeah, that’s why I used quotes on idealized.

While i do want to see them interact more amicably, i do want that it’s not all the way.

Some scars just remain.