[JP] 4* Berserker Kriemhild

I just want to see what happens if you toss Siegfried and his mad with grief wife in a room and lock them in for a week.


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Nothing good.

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Hmmm…I was wondering how much she remembered Seigfried but one of her extra attack voice lines have her scream his name out at the end of the attack.


Her NP has awful generation stats however. 4 hits, 0.53% per hit. For reference, Astraea has 8 hits at 0.43% per hit, and Sitonai has 6 hits at 0.83%. The battery is there to make up for the shit internals, just like Zenobia & Murasaki Rider’s NP regen.


All the better.




Just got reminded my JP has Siegfried and now Kriem, time for an experiment.

Hidden here because it ended up being a bit long

I think you’re speaking about this line right here. There’s definitely something in what she’s saying. If you ask me, I think it’s us seeing the raw commitment (and the mixed conflict) of her character. (OG has this internal core too but is more apparent in Alter.) Her origin mythos is that her father left her to die at birth (as he wanted a boy) but Atalante survived nonetheless and was raised by hunters. Admittedly that would likely leavesome consciousness/strong view of what a proper raising of child should be, seeing as she herself was neglected.

At least in Fate I think that’s why she developed that commitment to assist every child — and to leave not single uncared for. In addition to that lore, I’ll add that the line probably makes more sense in the context of Atalante in Apocrypha because her commitment is also a forceful respond to Jeanne whom she sees as overlooking the wrongs done to children (Jack’s case being particularly relevant here).

NP clip from Apocrypha:

Atalanta(Alter) Noble Phantasm - Agrius Metamorphosis & Tauropolus - YouTube

Hope that helps with the question?

Essentially she’s got a strong character reasons to be committed to children and the NP line it’s that commitment infused with rage (partly responding to Jeanne in the context of the events in Apocrypha).

Edit: Mostly didn’t want to derail, but yeah Alter Atalante and Kriemhild have strong similarities at least by their character expressions/constitution from what it seems.


Ya, I knew all that. I just thought there were more than just that. She sounds really miserable in that scream. Like some tragedy occurred and she’s trying to convince herself for not being wrong. When she appeared in LB1 she did take a separate stand then what we wanted and the counterforce wanted so maybe it is related to that. Still not enough to me for her to sound that miserable though.

To rail back to Kriemhild.

The reason why I found them both to look alike is because it’s the same artist, heh. :fgo_gilwink:

What I love about all this is that just like Sigurd and Bryn got drawn by Shirow Miwa, we have Siegfried and Kriem drawn by Konoe Ototsugu. Lovely, Lasagna, lovely. You get a big star for that in my book. Anything else may had looked weird.


There is a difference between crazy and mad?

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i’m not smart enough to know it, nor i’m curious enough to research it, but probably, usually words that may be able to be use a sinonims can have different meanings from each other but on some context can mean the same but not on others


Hmm. Pretty interesting as a unit. I might just go for her solo rate up instead as a tag along to Charlie since story lock privilege~


So you’re here

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I’m coming to the coop soon~


Get ready for the you know what

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Just read a few translations of her voice lines, her voice line for Siegfried is her getting worked up and pretty much telling him that she wants nothing to do with him and for him to stay away from her.

Remember fate Siegfried wasn’t murdered but actually commited assisted suicide because he was at the centre of the drama that was happening and believed him dying would solve everything.

Kriemhilds revenge happened because no one told her shit about the actual circumstances, she only for her to find out what happened AFTER she killed her second husband.

Her finding out Siegfried was in on it from the start and that he didn’t consider her feelings on the matter or even tell her about what he was planning, caused her to hate him as well.

Its apparently why she is a berserker and not an avenger.

On another, more funny note her meeting Sieg is her telling him to change his name because having it might make sacrifice himself for a ‘noble’ cause and leave the people he loves behind to pick up the pieces.

Sieg blushes and looks away because thats exactly what he did, it gets Kriem to order him in a seiza position and starts scolding him like a mother.


I’ve never NOT rolled for a new Berserker and looks like I won’t start now. I doubt she can out perform her top tier competition, but she’s plenty good. 3 turn hybrid buffs, special damage type, Madness EX, what’s not to love.

I see, I see.

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As far as definitions go, probably not. :fgo_gudako:

But I meant more in that thr Avengers I mentioned may have a bit of madness in them, but it isn’t the outright maddened spirit expected in zerks. (Not that tbf, many FGO zerks have that).

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So basically the difference between been still able to think and make choices ?

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