[JP] 4* Caster Santa Martha

Yeah, but like all support locked behind an NP, this means you basically have to take a turn of setup =/


Too cute, best Christmas present.


Is she teen Martha or something? She looks nerfed younger.

Also, with proper CE’s and team charge she is an excellent support for CQs.


Yes, Santa Martha Lily. She has dialogue about how she’s not yet a saint. I’m assuming also some magical girl because of the ladle.


I see. That’s cute, then.

But her missing JoJo energy is evident because of her Lily status. Her strength and technique is clearly on the unpolished side on her attacks. I’ll take it as her origin story where her childhood Christmas went wrong, swore vengeance upon the evil-doer and eventually embarked on a journey of self-discovery.

She would stumble with Jacob’s soul, and sensing Martha’s heart of peace and warmonger fists of justice, taught her his Jacob’s Limbs style and she eventually became Tarasque’s tamer, God’s dragon priestess, patron of servants and cooks, and BB’s bane.



She wouldn’t have had this at all? Lol


While I am disappointed that FGO is doubling down on alts when so many people have yet to get a seasonal after years of being in the game (Semi, Medea, Drake, Atalante, Lakshmi, most men, Circe, Sheba, Skadi, Cleo, I’d go on but you get the point) - I love love lover her kit

I like Martha too but I just can’t pretend to be thrilled about repeat alts, but I’m excited for her because her gameplay looks very fun


It’s still kinda there as seen in her extra attack, but on the DL.

One of my friends has a max grailed and goldfou/fouprinted Boudica. He’s still mad she hasn’t gotten her Summer form and vented to me about it again today. I feel sorry for the forgotten servants too, but Santa Martha has a line for Boudica so she isn’t completely forgotten yet. :fgo_brynsad:


And I get it

Both Halloween and Christmas were used for repeat alts, so it’s disappointing because we don’t get that many seasonals a year.


I assume this is her before she meets Jesus/before he dies. She looks smaller but also cuter


Winter solstice just doesn’t sound as good :fgo_insane:

I suppose you aren’t technically a saint until you are canonized, but this Martha already has Tarasque so she must have already used the power of Jesus on him right?


oh right tarasque makes this messy. From her looks and skill 2 its easy to assume this is her when she was still with her family and not a travelling saint but she also has tarasque…


Also not sure the Jews would have been doing that :fgo_gudako:


I will just admit I am completely ignorant on jewish holidays and not dig my hole any deeper :fgo_kadocsob:


I know where you’re coming from with this but to me Skadi is already an alt of Scathach.

Just like Lartoria or Lalter are alts of Saber even though their personality and history are very different.

But I don’t consider Bai a Jeanne alt even though they do look similar :fgo_mordredthink: fgo has ruined my brain.


But is eresh just an Ishtar alt and that’s why there’s no eresh alts /s

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This is gonna require a big think. :fgo_mordredthink:

Been messing with her in numerous set ups with skadis upgraded np in tow.
Its …complete overkill but martha np, skadi np, clytie van gogh np.
Clytie brave chain- you are now a crater.

Also with her anti divine aspect, has nice synergy with DSS scathach

Seems maybe intentional but works oddly well with tamacat. Slap prisma on martha, throw merlin in, cat survives for a really really long time, and if you want cat to crit, not impossible but it happens. Simply use marthas third skill. Even cat can make those pretty gold numbers.

She seems to be a really nice healer that can work to offset how quick dps are normally fast burn with little survival and obviously fits well with stall teams like og martha does. Her quick np hurts arts tendency to np chain constantly, but she fits really well with team tamamo despite that.
Pretty great support that is very much appreciated for my beloved green cards. Plus shes completly adorable.
they keep releasing these moe wellfares, im gonna run out of grails


She does offer some of what Quick lacks, but there’s no mitigation or easy NP gain/team charge to renew the effects.

Arts, their incresibly good point servants aside, has Tamamo & Castoria; lynchpins of skill uptime and nigh foolproof mitigation.

Even going far back Arts had stuff like Waver/Vlad/Tama, Mash/Merlin/Tama, Mash/Merlin/Jeanne and so on.

Quick really lacks on sustain and these buffs and new offerings I feel are intentionally not good enough to fix that. More of a “Hey guys, we remember Quick. Look forwards to 7th anni.”

Martha needs some mitigation and Skadi more skill buffs to actually be relevant to slower play/after Quick Support v2.0 launches. Martha’s big offering imo is her huge NP steroids, for lower range/newer accounts she’s something you could mix in with a support list Castoria and your Skadi off this banner (or VG off the recent rerun).

I don’t personally think VG is a sell for Martha or Skadi, because she runs her own team in doubles better. If you lack a foreigner a Skadi sandwiched in with her new NP does something at least, but BBikini/Yang/Jacques/Voyager etc are obviously miles better here.

Personally investing in a good Foreigner feels like the power move for Quick. Jacques is probably the best middle ground of “loops with Skadi, could be uber with Quick 2.0, also runs in VG.” Voyager probably brings some good sustain to VG comp, and is the best chance (with some gauge starter &/or mana loading) for Skadi to dual NP.