[JP] 4* Pretender Hephaestion

Source: Atlas Academy
Availability: General
Stats @ Lv 80:

  • HP: 11168
  • ATK: 9879


  • QAABB, A Noble Phantasm
  • Q-3 , A-3 , B-3 , E-5 hitcounts
  • NP Gain: 0.59
  • Defensive NP Gain: 3%
  • Star Gen: 19.8%
  • Death Rate: 17.2%
  • Star Weight: 98
  • Gender: Female
  • Attribute: Earth
  • Alignments: True Neutral
  • Traits: Female, Servant, Humanoid, Weak to Enuma Elish, Sky or Earth, Brynhildr’s Beloved, Hominidae


Independent Action B (EX):

  • Increase own Crit Damage by 12%.

Camouflage Work B:

  • Increase own Crit Attack Chance Resistance by 10%
  • Increase own Crit Star Rate by 10%

Territory Creation EX:

  • Increase own Arts Card effectiveness by 12%


  • Increase own NP Damage by 10%


"He is also Iskandar (Fake) A: (8 - 6) CD

  • Apply a (20 - 30)% Arts Buff to self (3 turns)
  • Apply a (20 - 30)% Buster Buff to self (3 turns)
  • Apply “Class Compatibility Change” Buff that grants advantage against Casters to self (3 turns)

“Rapid Words of Divine B”: (9 - 7) CD

  • Charge own NP gauge by (60 - 120)%

“Unsigned Benefits EX”: (7 - 5) CD

  • 500% chance to apply a 300% Taunt to self (1 turn)
  • Apply a (30 - 50)% DEF Buff to self (1 turn)
  • Apply a (20 - 30)% NP Gain Buff to self (1 turn)
  • Absorbs Curse Debuffs from all allies but self.

Hecatic Wheel:

  • 4 Hit ST, Arts NP
  • Apply a (10 - 50)% NP Damage Buff to self (1 turn) (Applies first) (Scales with OC)
  • Deals (900 - 1500)% damage scaling with NP level
  • Apply a 10% Arts Resistance Debuff on one enemy (3 turns)
  • Apply a 10% Buster Resistance Debuff on one enemy (3 turns)

Append Skills:

  • 1st: Increases the performance of Extra Attack Cards by (30 -50)%.
  • 2nd: Starts the battle with (10 - 20)% NP Gauge.
  • 3rd: Increase own damage against Lancer type enemies by (20 - 30)%

Bond CE

  • When on the field, apply a 30% NP Damage Buff to self
  • When killed, charge party’s NP gauge by 10%

GP Page


1st skill either changes her to a Caster or makes her strong against Casters

I believed the 3rd one absorbs all Curse stacks from other party members

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Y’all remember when passives meant 8% Quick up on a Buster servant with one quick card and call it a day?




Genuinely surprised that’s she’s General pool considering that she’s an Extra Class and she’s a Collab Servant.

Otherwise I’m actually pretty fine with Hephaestion? Which is pretty weird since I’m usually pretty eh on generalist Servants.

Skills that affect that Class system are always fun. Her 1st skill combined with her innate Pretender Class means that she’s effective against a number of classes without the increased damage that Berserkers have. I’m usually against just NP batteries but I give her a pass since she’s ST. Most people probably prefer their Taunters to die immediately after taking a hit but I actually like skills like her 3rd that somewhat encourage her to stay out after taking a hit.


Append Skills:

  • 3rd: Increase own damage against Lancer type enemies by (20 - 30)%

What’s the deal there?

Overall, I think it’s a good kit. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a Rapid Words, so that’s nice for plug nuking, especially since she’s got so much variety in terms of class advantage. 42% Arts and 10% NP is a good buff bracket, especially considering a good chunk of it is passive, and she’s got a few nice tech options with a taunt.

She’s a bit disconnected, but at least I can see a few situations where I can easily use every tool she has to maximum effect, which is my personal yardstick for a nice kit on the aesthetic level, beyond just raw function.

OK, I like this Servant, and would love to be spooked by her because she looks very easy to use.


Searching on wiki, Hephaestion’s ashes were buried in Babylon.

Then Alexander held days of games in his honour and the whole funeral cost around $200 million for the times.

It’s very curious, because while historians tell their relationship was a close to Achilles and Patroclus, in FGO this may look as close as Gil and Enkidu, and they were even in Babylon as well.

Also in a moment Arcade has it’s own Babylon, and Tiamat and Nebuchadnezzar recently released.

Wonder what this all might mean…


Very well designed. Her kit is a pretty generic beatstick-arts looper with a nice anti-caster niche. Not exceptional but definitely a good servant.

HOWEVER, rapid words of divine is pretty epic on anyone and since she has a taunt I’m already excited for the shenanigans that will involve her.

Very nice that she’s general pool.



Spoilers for Case Files

This isn’t actually Hephaestion

It’s his Sister

In Case Files she’s the “Faker” class and duplicates The capabilities of other servants, in her life, her brother died before the massive campaign in search of Okeanos and she pretended to be him but her True Name is not Hephaestion

Spoilers for case files

Damn i remember that scene where waver confronted her about it, and then he asked why she wasn’t in Iodine Hentai. What he lacks in magic circuits he makes up for in BALLS

Part of spoiler discussion

What the heck are you talking about, that never happened

To be fair Luvia was introduced in case file as well and is general pool. I wonder if this means Faker is going to have a lb appearance like Luvia did.

this episode

Maybe in LB7

That’d be fun, I like her she looks super fun and she’s a Permanent Servant so she’s permitted to Spook


BuT RiDiNg Is CanoN on SaBerS

Also that Bond CE effect might have been useful if she offers any party buff. As it stands I guess she can come in, absorb curses, and decrease arts/buster res before eating an NP…


That’s the Episode that Waver confronts her about why she fights like Iskandar and is of the belief that she’s someone who stole some of his abilities, she reveals some of her backstory but is rather vague, which leads Waver to say this line

She’s the kind of Servant who doesn’t like revealing all her secrets and keeps them close to her, chest, if you somehow summoned her then you’d probably not get anything but her class name and a fake True Name, that’s only in an HGW setting because she shares more about herself in FGO

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I thought that about Luvia and I have yet to be spooked by her :fgo_jeannu: