[JP] 4* Pretender Hephaestion

Looks like a solid beatstick, she is simple and easy to use, could see some boss murder nonsense. Not much to talk about her kit, she is kinda of a modern okita, she looks like she will do her job well but nothing in her kit is mechanically unique to talk about larger meta. Even as large as her battery is with the gradual battery creep we have seen over the last two year I expect to see more servants having it.

Also does this mean we can buff Medea’s NP?

I like every art but the 3rd. The hat, over designed armor, and the faces on her i guess loin cloth would be the best term for that, are weird. Maybe there is a lore reason from the show but I haven’t gotten around to seeing it.

This is the first instance of class advantage on a skill, right?

Kama erased defensive class disadvantage but that’s hardly the same thing

So this could pave the way for a Kama buff

This is Semi erasure :fgo_anapout:
Also just erased disadvantage but still I guess Kiara could count with her anti Ruler passive?


Call me Type-Moon


Good point I read the skill wrong, I read like Semiramis double summon, which while nice even as a Semiramis apologist I can’t say is ground breaking good. But it giving advantage not taking away disadvantage is nice as well though really being a pretender I doubt I would field her in a situation like that simply bc unless I ended the battle super quick it would become a problem later in the giht.

Jake darling, Kama gains full advantage against Alter Egos. She was the Pretender before Pretender.

Oh I forgot to mention I’ve been a bit ill and my time commitments are sporadic so I can’t commit to joining the mafia.


Kama’s skill gives her advantage over Alter Egos as well.


Oh, sorry I can’t remember from all these alter ego fights :see_no_evil:


It’s customary to provide us with SQ when you apologize.

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I don’t got none :sob:


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Rath’s Review


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Your bank account will suffice

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But Riding is actually GOOD on him.


Rabbit’s Review

Spoilers about Hephaestion's identity

Her True Name is Hephaestion-Mnemosyne. She is connected to the Mnemosyne subsystem in Chaldea that was a major figure in the Case Files Event.

Her ??? Passive is Observation Nullification EX that she gained from Mnemosyne

【FGO】へファイスティオン、驚愕の真名析出シーン ※ネタバレ注意 - YouTube

Hephaestion (Pretender) Post-Event Profile and Lines : grandorder


Ahh, this makes more sense

I wonder if they’d had her designed for a while and just were waiting for the class to release to add her

There are lots of concepts waiting in the wings. Supposedly, Beast Nero has been waiting for release since Day 1.

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Yeah we been knew for a while about that one

Osakabehime had been planned for a while as well, I think

Old Man Li too and Skadi not being a new concept also wouldn’t surprise me

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