[JP] 4* Pretender Tlaloc

Bond CE: Astran My Home

  • When on the field, apply a 8% Arts Buff to the party.
  • When on the field, apply a 8% Quick Buff to the party.
  • When on the field and on a Waterside Battlefield, apply a 15% NP Damage Buff to the party.

That’s not her real name, btw

I could give you the details if you want


Ain’t she that


war guy. Hui-something.

Nope, she’s not Huitzilopotchli either

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Non-limited. Not a must have for me, but I think it’s good she can spook.

Also another Pretender to make the Oberon fans angry. lol


Wow, she really hates Cu Chulainn in particular doesn’t she?
Sure Hit and anti-Guts

At least she sets up Waterside field though, can always use more of those for the Summer servants.
Also second ascension is easily best.


Ok if I am reading the listing right, super interesting niche being able to remove guts charges. That could be fantastic for some story bosses or CQs but other than that, doesn’t really stand out unless you need someone to make water zones. Still an interesting niche with possibilities, would have preferred her to have a single target NP given that niche.

Stylewise I don’t like the 2nd ascension it feels out of place maybe there is a story reason but thats in two years for me. Otherwise she looks good.

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Who is she then?


Tenochtitlan itself using the Templo Mayor to impersonate both Huitz and Tlaloc

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She looks cute and gives waterside buff to party.
Probably wont roll for her unless the other banners near her release arent good either

I think her resources are spread just a bit too thin. At least she can easily turn on her own Waterside buffs, but there’s a few dead-weight pieces to her kit like the 20% NP up to allies on NP. Considering she doesn’t offer anything in the way of party charge support, you’re probably gonna have to plug her out after she’s spent to bring in enough charge for another Servant to get mileage out of the buff. Makes a for a solid general-purpose attacker in a triple Skadi shell though, I suppose, since she’ll refund pretty reliably for a Quick.

Genderbent Venti.


Huh, I was expecting aliens and blood sacrifice magic in this LB, turns out that there’s a mecha powered by blood.

3rd Ascension Animations and True Name

【FGO】Tenochtitlan (Tlaloc Ascension 3) Demonstration (60FPS) - トラロック / テノチティトラン - Fate/Grand Order - YouTube

I was kind of meh on her because the situations where AoE are good now without traitmod or class advantage + good Oberon compatibility are slim in the most rewarding content.

I think her only issues are refund+Quick’s supports not doing team battery:

I’m not convinced her refund is good enough. Her raw is 6x0.58, so 3.48% per target. With her kit and DS.SS, she refunds 10.86% per target (not accounting for the 1 guaranteed tick of overkill), and regens 10% per turn.

This means she needs starting NP of 50% plus lv10 ML. She can loop 2s and 3s with that, 2 S.Skadi and Oberon. But she can’t refund enough off 1 target to be topped off ny regen+Oberon. She probably won’t hit 50% refund so you probably blow both S.Skadi batteries in turn 2.

Semi-support limitations
She wants to run a multi-DPS shell but her card type doesn’t support it. S.Skadi has team atk/quick/buster but no ST Quick Servant has an 80 or 100 battery. Nor are Circe/Sanzang going to match up with enemies Tlaloc would be farming.

Her party damage support is actually really good, 20 atk/20+ NP strength is high party ampage. The trouble is without providing a team 30% battery herself she’s waiting on a support shell that enables her to operate as a semi-support.

Picture a world where Quick has party battery and adequate refund/regen.

You’re doing Knights 90++. The first wave is a 100k check, the second is 220k. You loop the first wave and between NP and any mix of crit cards clear the second.
You can only hit 200k AoE in the last wave, but you’ve given the ST DPS 20% atk/60% NP strength and 2nd chain OC with Tlaloc. The ST eats Oberon’s s3 and explodes the big mob.

In a world where Quick has adequate teambuilding support Tlaloc is a good Servant and potentially worth grails.

Alas this is not that world yet. Maybe this year we’ll see Green Summer Anni and Green First Drawing, like how Anni/NY was Blue retrains of those and a Red retrain of Ocean Flyer for the collab.

Current damage
As a primary looper at 80/NP5 and a lv100 HNS/Ocean Flyer pr similar she hits 163k min with double Summer Skadi. In the days of 90/90+ that’s Knights easily omnifarmed, no question

Now things are not so generous. She’ll cap out at 367k min in double Summer/Oberon with the above setup.

For an SR AoE though she’s very strong. Her facecard game is good; 30 Quick/42 Arts/70 crit. Yes, 70: 20 teamwide, 30 personal, 20 on waterside passive. NP gain on NP turns means her AQ cards will hit and refund respectably.

Her personal kit is a respectable set of card buffs; this wouldn’t be a bad pull as a newbie.

Her limitation for her facecard game is again a support issue; S.Skadi isn’t nice to QQAA. QQAA is a good deck type for bosses (i.e. adding Castoria for resilience) but we’re waiting on better Quick supports for longevity & non-Buster decks.

Card internals are average (Arts) but her 42% Arts up is not. 30 Quick is okay on 2.32 Quicks; 2.32 is above the average of 2, but not amazing by any means.


Rath’s Review


Hey look, it’s how I feel about his Alter