[JP] 4* Saber Summer Gareth

Source: Atlas Academy
Availability: Limited
Stats @ Lv 80:

  • HP: 13783
  • ATK: 8119


  • QAABB, B Noble Phantasm
  • Q-3, A-2, B-4, E-5 hitcounts
  • NP Gain: 0.82
  • Defensive NP Gain: 3%
  • Star Gen: 92%
  • Death Rate: 31.5%
  • Star Weight: 98
  • Gender: Female
  • Attribute: Earth
  • Alignments: Lawful Summer
  • Traits: Female, Servant, Humanoid, Weak to Enuma Elish, Riding, Brynhildr’s Beloved, Homindae, Knights of the Round


Magic Resistance B+:

  • Increase own Debuff Resistance by 18%

Riding B:

  • Increase own Quick Card performance by 8%

Append Skills:

  • 1st: Increases the performance of Extra Attack Cards by (30 -50)%.
  • 2nd: Starts the battle with (10 - 20)% NP Gauge.
  • 3rd: Increase own damage against Saber type enemies by (20 - 30)%


[quick changehayagawari EX]: (7 - 5) CD

  • Apply a (10 - 20)% Arts Buff to self (3 turns)
  • Apply a (10 - 20)% Buster Buff to self (3 turns)
  • Gain (10 - 20) Crit Stars

[gareth like the sunscree like sun B+]: (8 - 6) CD

  • Apply a (1000 - 3000)HP Guts to one ally (1 time, 3 turns)
  • Apply a (5 - 10) Crit Star Regen Buff to self (3 turns)
  • 500% chance to apply Sunlight Battlefield Buff to self (3 turns)

[red swordRobigus Ironcid C]: (8 - 6) CD

  • Apply a (20 - 30)% Buster Buff to self (3 turns)
  • Charge own NP Gauge by (10 - 20)%
  • Apply a Trigger-on-Face Cards Buff to self (3 turns)
    • Face Cards apply a 300 DMG Burn to one enemy (3 turns)

[True Maiden Wolf Sword StrikeLupus Strikefang]

  • 4 Hit AOE, Buster NP
  • Apply a (10 - 30)% ATK Buff to self (1 turn) (Scales with OC) (Applies first)
  • Apply a (20 - 40)% ATK Buff to self if on a Sunlight Battlefield (1 turn) (Scale with OC) (Applies first)
  • Deals (300 - 500)% damage scaling with NP level

Bond CE: The Red Sword

  • When on the field, apply a 10% Buster Buff to the party if on a Sunlight Battlefield.
  • When on the field, apply a 20% Crit Damage Buff to the party if on a Sunlight Battlefield.

Praise the strawberry swimsuit and cute dog


definitely grailing her to 100 like her other version. Yet to check her kit and ascensions


oh her kit is not great. However its worth it. Her ascensions are amazing

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10/10 outfits and card art. Definitely one of those servants I’d put on random ascension out of an inability to choose my favourite.
Also the quick animation is gonna be popular.


Well, my salt aside she is… Okay.

Not exactly groundbreaking nor much better than her siblings…

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That strawberry does not exactly fit my taste, her first one looks cute though. And her third one is quite bad, as it doesn’t suit the whole summer theme. Would be nicer if her third art is a separate costume.

Lmao she’s basically 30% of Gawain mixed with 30% of Saberlot. Absolutely would love a Himiko/Merlin build, infinite stars and lots of extra Buster, plus OC support to really leverage that field buff.

Shame Proto Merlin just put both Himiko and Merlin out of a job on literally the same banner.





Is that Clarent?

No nevermind, the handle is different.

Perfectly decent kit, crittier Gawain. Although seems she is designed to not auto-loop (Gray/Salter can with 60% starting charge because 10% regen on NP), so you need a crit turn and single enemy wave, or an enemy to survive her NP to follow up with Buster/Arts cards.

I keep forgetting Gareth isnt a dude


Gareth is a Genderbent Character so not that surprising

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She’s perfect


I like the little detail that she loses the little blush marks on third ascension as this is Gareth at her most confident.


She’d do great with my Gawain-y-poo:



Me watching her NP animation: “Oh, they went with a fire sword attack… she didn’t steal Gawain’s sword, did she?”

That’s pretty fitting, considering her relation to Gawain and how much she idolizes Lancelot.

Also the real question is when are we getting her other brother Gaheris?


That 3rd ascension is giving me big Aigis from Persona 3 vibes

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Gaheris in legend is only really paired with Gareth and doesnt do much of anything himself

So since we didnt get a duo gareth and gaheris, he’s probably never getting added

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Slight correction, Gaheris doesn’t do much in the original version of the legend. In fact, in the original legend Gareth and Gaheris may even be the same person and due to translation stuff became two characters over time.
However, since Lancelot exists in Fate, we know they take stuff from the French versions of the legends, in which case we have a decent amount of stories where Gaheris is prominent.

  • Apparently Gaheris is as strong as Gawain (though I’m guessing Excalibur Galatine would shift the balance in Gawain’s favor), the least well-spoken of his peers, and that the nobles of their kingdom tried to make him king rather than any of his siblings, but Gaheris refused at least until the end of the quest for the holy grail.
  • In some versions he starts as a squire for Gawain before becoming a full knight, going on some adventures with him.
  • At one point he sets out to rescue Gawain and another knight, and during the journey Agravain attacks him twice but gets defeated by Gaheris.
  • Gaheris takes part in the revenge-killing of King Pellinore along with his siblings, since Pellinore killed their father.
  • Gaheris notably kills his own mother when he catches her with one of Pellinore’s sons Lamorak.
  • Gaheris joins his brothers Agravain, Gawain and Mordred in hunting down Lamorak since the siblings think that Lamorak killed their mother.
  • When Arthur finds out Gaheris was the real killer, he gets banished
  • Mordred and Agravain are about to behead Gaheris, but Gareth convinces Gawain to order them to stop
  • Gaheris later appears as a companion of Percival during the Grail Quest
  • Depending on the legend Gaheris is either friends with or enemies of Tristan, in one version even teaming up with Agravain to attack Tristan, but are fought off.
  • And of course we know he gets killed when Lancelot rescues Guinevere

That’s not necessarily the case, they seem to be slowly adding the knights either through the main story or like Gareth through anniversaries/events. Not sure which class he would be though.