[JP] 5/11 25M DL Campaign + LB 6.5 Info

Another Morgan banner

i’m a morgan simp to the highest degree. you people say that as a bad thing, while i see it as a good way to spread her love.

so please keep speaking her banners into existence so i can laugh at ya’lls frustration :laughing:


I joke about Morgan banner, but i’m all in for them. I’m saving quartz just for her NP5.

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The sappling system is amazing

So I guess I might one day score 1000 boxes during a lotto


Pure Prism quest reward? :feh_sigurdeyes:


wow the 4 star CE even includes IE when it isn’t even the summoning pool anymore?


I guess they rather be in a world where she only gets a banner 3 years later like Arjuna Alter. The more the merrier I say!


Only for Main Quest CMIIW

  1. Castoria banner with pity! Maybe I won’t need to roll for her until then. Seems the most prudent choice.

  2. Blue apples is a great idea

  3. Charlie and Roland!!! Hype


AFAIK the sapplings are rewards for completing Main Story, yes
But apples can be used anywhere, since it’s refilling your bar - game can’t prevent you from refilling during lotto but using AP elsewhere (and vice versa)

Yeah, but between Castoria’s release and 25m DL campaign you have 5 lottos and two raids, so keep that in mind


Holy Sh-




Good for slacking :fgo_davinci_coffee:


kinda, assuming one is done with the story, then one can slack for 180 days straight


The one at the most left looks like a female with a sword similar to Siegfried’s? Kriemhld? Maybe, but i have my doubts.

Also, i fear the reason we are getting a SR Ticket again is because the SSR ones are done for.


Well, Lasengle has been more generous with their rewards and the banners they release. As for the SSR ticket, I hope they continue to give one out,at least one every other year to encourage newer players to join.

It’s wishful thinking sure, but who knows what other surprises they have in store? :th_dumpy_sakuya:


I will take IE with this ticket … I have 4 copies in my JP account and I need one more to MLB

for the 4* servant I dont know … maybe Faker just to have a pretender … or zenobia :stuck_out_tongue: to have an archer that can loop (no needed because Morgan) or Salter because is Salter :relaxed:


To be fair the replacement for IE is better since it’s full atk, but still having a 75% charge CE can never hurt.

Also does that mean there’s a chance in 30M dl campaign we could get a 5* CE ticket :fgo_gudako:


Just to be sure, is this a…free bond experience campaign? :fgo_insane: :fgo_insane: :fgo_insane:
No AP being used == all my servants can go bond 10 for free! And 11, 12, 13! (Just need those flame grails)

YES, YES, YES! All those “A mail pr day, reminds Lasagna of my Jalter Spirittron dress each day” worked. I’m crying over here :fgo_nitocry: I can totally wait 2 years for that!
Now to move on to mails about the ball dress Jalter and Riding Redhood for Marie. Anyone else I’m missing?

The banners are maybe…probably the one I miss from the other banners and maybe a NP from the LB6 theme. I think they found out that Castoria is broken so everyone should get the chance to summon her. :feh_dagrsmile:
That or no new Seiba this year. :fgo_meltangry:

For the 4* CE ticket, I will go for the last IE I’m missing to MLB it. It could easily had been a 5* CE since people getting one BG/Fragments/KScope shouldn’t be such a huge deal after all these years.

4* servant tickets are back! I hope to get Gorgon, Nero and Cat before this ticket. I would be nice to give Salter another NP but I’ll probably use it on Faker and not roll on her banner since I already got Reines. :feh_thinkinglikelukas:

As we guessed, he’s the shadow on the left side. Anyway, I see a Saber. Would’ve guessed him as a Rider or Ruler, oh well.

Totally agreed. Both have their poses which gives them away. With Charlemagne you can see his collar and also his hairstyle even if they try to blur it out.

Still, I’m most interested in the shadow to the outmost right.
Also, probably gonna roll on the sword gal to the outmost left. Her sword looks cool if it’s what I believe it is. :fgo_gudako:

There’s no bad thing about it. The more we get her the higher NP chance she gets from my side. :fgo_gilwink:

Are they made from your normal AP or the overflow you get when you go to the next rank? If you can make apples from all the AP you don’t use in a day… that would be awesome. :fgo_tamamo: