[JP] 5☆ Archer Minamoto no Tametomo

Source: Atlas

Illustrator: Dd
Voice Actor: Kenji Nomura
Availability: General pool

Lv90 Atk: 12,465
Lv90 HP: 13,362
Deck: QAABB, Q-3, A-3, B-4
NP per hit: 0.56%
Attribute: Human
Alignment: Neutral
Growth curve: Reverse S


Hachiro Zhensai A 7-5t cd
Increase your own Buster card performance 3 times, 3 turns (30-50%) & increase critical power for 3 turns (20-30%).

Indomitable Bow Shooting B 8-6t cd
Apply Guts to self, 1 time 3 turns (1000-3000HP).
Apply trigger on guts effects:

  • Gain NP strength for 1 time, 3 turns (10-20%)
  • remove debuffs

Gain NP (20-30%)

Mechanical Archery EX 9-7t cd
Apply sure hit 5 turns
Apply NP strength up 1 time, 5 turns (10-20%) every turn for 5 turns
Gain NP each turn for 5 turns (5-10%)

Noble Phantasm:

Todoroko / Yubaritsuki (Buster, AoE - 4 hits)

Apply ignore invincible to yourself (1 turn) & ignore defence (1 turn) & improves Buster card performance (20%) on [waterside] fields (1 turn) + deal extra powerful [Lawful] special attack damage on all enemies (150-200%, OC)


Magic Resistance C
Increases debuff resist by 15%

Independent Action B
Increases critical damage by 8%

Append skills
Extra Attack
Mana Loading
Anti-Berserker Atk

Bond CE:
Cleave the ship in one blow
All allies gain 20% special attack damage against [Lawful] enemies when Minamoto no Tametomo is equipped with this Craft Essence.




Kit ended up way simpler than I expected, he hits hard and that’s about it.

That is not to call him bad but rather that as an AoE Buster Archer that’s probably the toughest niche he could be fighting for.


Yeah, his buffs are super high to make up for Gil/Ishtar/Tesla having strengthened NPs. But his big dakka is tied to his cards too like Ibuki-Douji’s s1- which I’m not too fond of.

Slight awks - where’s the attack for DKSO? This boy demandin’ Golden Sumo.

He intrudes on Arjuna’s 5 turn NP gain territory on the side, and his stacking NP strength is interesting if you want to play slow, although more restricted than Kingprotea’s.


I love his look.


I’m probably going to forget about him after today. I’m kind of over the cool mecha thing right now, and yet another hadouken Extra Attack animation doesn’t do much to endear him to me.

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I can never forget him simply because his giant silhouette had everyone all “Berserker? Grand Berserker?” until Traum.


Oh, I would have guessed “Gundam” if I’d bothered to speculate.

And I would have been correct.


He is a general pool SSR after all


That doesn’t really mean anything, though. Just that it’s possible to get more copies by accident.

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Spook chance is abysmally low to the point “maybe you’ll get them anyway” should be considered a joke comment regarding any Servant you care about, so not really a fair reason to dock a kit hard.

But also Ozy is the best ST Rider now and gen pool. Sanzang the most useful ST Caster. Artoria the cheapest Saber farmer. Etcetc.


Well, I guess he’s an easy answer to evade spamming, but that’s about as much kindness as I can muster in terms of personal interest. I do enjoy the idea of trying to get that NP up stacked to blazes for Oberon memes though, and with the pierce invuln he can even NP after Oberon for OC scaling.

Best I can see - DKS/Atlas, native Koyan has Poster Girl. That allows his s3 to stack twice for 40% NP up per turn for 4 turns, plus 20 from t1, while still cycling in Oberon reliably. If you can proc his Guts somehow that’s another 20, Oberon gives another 20 and assume 80 from BG for an impressive 300%x2 for 600% NP up. Not worth actually doing, but damn if it doesn’t sound fun.


Oh yes, there is some degen limp strategy with Chen Gong in here somewhere too.

Not the best return on sacrifice but certainly a thing you can do!

Funnily enough for a 3t, were charge allowing, MLB Poster Girl is probably Tametomo’s best damage amp in DKSO despite the pure HP.


Come to think of it, two stacks of the battery also means 20% ML + 100% DKS + 70% Oberon + 90% personal battery, 300% NP charge is only 30% away, which should be simple enough to generate actively across 5 turns. Puts 500% OC in reach fairly easily, even without direct OC buffs. Genuinely stupid damage for a genuinely stupid strategy.


Battery per turn sadly is on a very long cooldown, so you can’t have it stacked+Oberon unless you’ve got a taunt Koyan* or eSports Koyan.

But if you have a ST enemy wave, no reason you can’t just FALCON PANCH it with your BG or Poster Girl’d Gundam.

Or, lord have mercy on you, just do it in 4 turns.
*wait this is 4t too

It does since the odds of them getting buffed is low unless it is a fan favourite

Meanwhile most limited SSR’s get a buff with their reruns these days even if they don’t necessarily need them

Yeah, I was counting on Atlas for another -2, but it does start to get pretty finicky from there. You start wanting another taunter in the line-up so you can delay popping Koyan’s Buster ups so they’re still live for the turn where you actually NP. While we’re at it, might as well whack Crane in there for maximum insanity.

So the full dumb team would be something like George/Tametomo/Crane/Koyan/Koyan/Oberon, T1 George dies and Crane leaves to cycle in Koyans, double battery and Atlas to -6, PG Koyan eats a turn of damage, Buster buffs go on T3, Koyan dies to cycle in Oberon, you somehow engineer Tametomo to die on T4 to pop his Guts and then NP T5 with a royal flush of buffs.

This is the single stupidest idea I’ve ever had and I love it.


Still remember how they didn’t buff Anastasia and buffed Ivan instead :catcry:


Owl NP5’s Gundam confirmed


I dunno. Vlad may be recognizable from Apocrypha, but he probably doesn’t qualify as a fan favorite. Same for Sanzang. Arjuna, too, though his strengthenings haven’t done as much for him. And so on.