[JP] 5* Assassin Koyanskaya of the Light

Koyanskaya Animations

Source: Atlas Academy
Stats @ Lv 90:

  • HP:13081
  • ATK:11616


  • QQABB, B Noble Phantasm
  • Q-4, A-4, B-3, E-5 hitcounts
  • NP Gain: 0.76
  • Defensive NP Gain: 4%
  • Star Gen: 25.5%
  • Death Rate: 33%
  • Star Weight: 102
  • Gender: Female
  • Attribute: Beast
  • Alignments: Lawful Evil
  • Traits: Female, Servant, Divine, Humanoid, Weak to Enuma Elish, Riding, Demonic, Demonic Beast


  • Riding B: Increase own Quick Card performance by 8%
  • Independent Action EX: Increase own Crit damage by 12%
  • Independent Manifestation C: Increase own Crit damage by 6%. Increase own Death Resistance by 6%. Increase own resistance against Mental Debuffs by 6%.
  • Morph A: Increase own Arts card performance by 10%. Increase Star Generation by 10%
    5th Passive: Increase own NP damage by 20%


Skill 1: (10-8) CD

  • Targetable (30 - 50)% NP Battery
  • Reduce target ally’s CD by 2
  • 500% chance to drain party’s HP by 1000 without killing

Skill 2: (8-6) CD

  • Apply a (30 - 50)% Special Damage buff against Human(Trait) to an ally ( 3 turns)
  • Apply a (30 - 50)% Special Damage buff against Man(Attribute) to an ally ( 3 turns)
  • Apply a “Trigger on Buster Face Card” buff to ally ( 3 turns)
  • Trigger on Buster Face Card" buff charges own NP gauge by (5-10)%
  • Gain (10 - 20) Crit Stars

Skill 3: (8-6) CD

  • Apply a (30 - 50)% Buster Card buff to an ally (3 turns)
  • Apply a (30 - 50)% Critical damage for Buster Cards buff to an ally (3 turns)
  • Apply a (3000 - 5000)% Buster Card star weight buff to an ally (3 turns)


  • 8 hit, Buster M.T NP
  • Apply a 20% ATK Buff to self (Activates first)
    Deal (300 - 500)% damage to all enemies scaling with NP level
  • Reduces all enemies NP gauge by 1
  • Charge party’s NP gauge by (10 - 30)% (scales with OC)

Bond CE

  • Apply 15% Special Damage buff against Human(Trait) to party when on the field
  • Apply 15% Special Damage buff against Man (Attribute) to party when on the field

GP Page

Rath’s Review

Rabbit’s Review


Everyone thought it would be Oberon to powercreep Merlin… no one expected Koyanskaya, like the Spanish inquisition!


So when’s Merlin but with zero survival. She’s great but might not be jsuitable for longer battles like Boss Rushes. She reminds me of Skadi.

that first line
it should be 500% chance to drain hp

Jesus Christ, she’s gonna be disgusting with someone like artoria whose skills all have 5t CDs :fgo_deadinside:
Double Koyan + seiba


The first truly powerful cardtype-specific support who isn’t a Caster (sorry, Okkie).

With those hitcounts, passives and starbomb she’ll also generate a load of stars for the main DPS to use, and recharge her own NP rather fast as well.
She’ll need Castoria or Merlin support against bosses that insta-charge their NP on bar break and stuff, but for farming and damage race content she’ll be a monster, especially if the main enemy has Human trait and/or attribute.

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Himiko i would say is rather powerfull too, and while she can work with any team, she is mainly buster focused.


Fair enough, forgot about her. Though with 2 out of her 3 skills being selfish and her main team steroids hidden behind her NP, she’s certainly not as easy to use (especially for farming, since she provides no battery to other servants).

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Yeah, Himiko doesn’t really count here for those reasons. I think a lot of hype that isn’t tied to Buster Crit is related to her Castoria cockroach meme, which is whatever.

Double Vitch + AA. Double stacks his powermod and atk buff :fgo_tamamo:


That was my first thought, like:

Not only can she make him get essentially 6 turns of crazyness but also help his Star Gather when said crazyness is on cooldown.


This skill-based 2T CD reduction on a big buffer is going to open up a lot of fascinating shit.


Vitch isn’t dethroning Castoria but hot damn, has she made Buster Memes A LOT more viable.


Can wait to see xnaya video about Double Vitch System


Gawain with DKS + Atlas could potentially allow a meme-y 12T full buffs~

Barghest coupled with Vitch and BB Summer seems like a fun meme too.


I think I’m in love with these skills.
I know I’m in hatred over her art, she has so many good story costumes and they give her this? :fgo_badciv:

But targetable battery :ballot_box_with_check:
CD reduction :ballot_box_with_check:
Targetable trait damage :ballot_box_with_check:
Star bomb for crits :ballot_box_with_check:
Targetable Buster AND Crit AND gather weight high enough for Berserkers even :ballot_box_with_check: :ballot_box_with_check: :ballot_box_with_check:

Party NP charge via NP :ballot_box_with_check:


She really does open a lot more doors. DW has been expanding the possible gameplay repertoire, tho at the cost of over-equipping the newer servant kits with effects~

They’re just waiting to drop all her costumes in the RP shop :fgo_gudako: