[JP] 5* Assassin Tezcatlipoca

The 3rd Skill also nullifies the Sunlight Battlefield

Bond CE: Warrior Mask

  • When on the field, apply a 30% NP Damage Buff to self
  • Apply a Trigger-on-Guts Buff to self
    • When Guts is triggered, gain 10 Crit Stars.

I like the kit I think (though I didn’t do any sort of calculation to see what that makes him hit for) but 50% battery on an Arts AoE Assassin is nice, + the 2 different forms of party charge like a da Vinci or Parvati.

The NP animation is a little funky but I like the idea of it with the giant bug skeleton thing :fgo_gaooo:


I’ve been trying him out and even with unleveled skills, he’s still a really solid looper (but I only tried on riders so far) (xNaya’s demo) and another addition to the support hybrid gang. With his second skill and his NP effects, he can also get Castoria’s NP up by turn 2 for extra firepower. I’m also happy that he has some defensive measures for the whole team.

Altho I understand that people are feeling looper fatigue (The third AOE arts looper this month… daring today aren’t we)

But his third ascension's NP is actually fire

Fate/Grand Order - Tezcatlipoca Third ascension Noble Phantasm Teaser - YouTube


That’s the only version I saw and I like it.

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Who’s the artist? I have the feeling I have seen this artsyle somewhere before

Also I looked at his kit and what does the 3rd skill mean by deleting sunfield individuality? I don’t see any sunlight or subfield effects anywhere in his kit.

Shou Tajima, who has done, among other things, work on a FF7 novel and interestingly enough, character design for the animated section of Kill Bill.


The next time I fight Ozy I’m being him and KH. He’ll never be the same after that.

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Hmmm so designwise I hate this art except stage 3. Stage 3 looks cool the artstyle works with that motiff, it feels out of place with the rest of his ascensions.

Skill wise I hate the invincibility block, that seems silly and will kneecap him for CQ. That said how many super sized divine enemies are there could be some very useful applications of that? NP per hit seems low I think he will fit in as a enabler more than anything for ppl who don’t want to or cant run double support he provides a lot of charge to his team while clearing a wave. May have some application on irregular nodes to help charge up the main damage dealer or a upport that buffs damage as part of their NP. This is more of a wait and see what shenanigans ppl get up to with him.


Can’t really vibe with the art style, but the in-game sprite is cool at least.
Gun-axe is kinda neat, but it felt like they were over-using it in first ascension, but then second ascension brought entirely different animations which are great. Wonder if they went full Avenger Ishtar treatment and gave his third ascension another unique set of animations, since we know third ascension has a different NP animation.

I like both NP animations, the giant skeleton is a classic death god look and you can’t fault it, it looks metal. And of course third ascension NP animation is really cool too.

As for kit, it’s nice we get a different take on a death deity-like being with him buffing allies with Guts and taking an issue with invincibility, though the duality in his second skill with Invincibility is probably more of a reference to his association with fate, everything has its time to die.
Even though technically another Aztec deity is more associated with death (and rebirth), his connection with ritualistic human sacrifice in connection with fate does definitely warrant a bit of a death-deity vibe. Honestly kinda surprised the deity of darkness/invisibility doesn’t have an Evade, but maybe that’s what the Invincibility is?

Ah, I can’t wait for the next installment of ‘Genius Tactician’ where a servant sets up a Sunlight field to get a buff only for Tezcatlipoca to activate his 3rd skill to remove the field so they can’t get their buff. Easy troll for Gawain, Ozy, Summer Gareth, and fake Gawain.

Currently I don’t see anyone with both a Sunlight field buff and Invincibility, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Kukulkan ends up being a case of that so that he counters her, considering some of the other details in his third skill.


Tezcatlipoca has some neat gameplay bonuses, but I’m a little hung up on his non-trait damage potential and unimpressive face cards.

An Assassin should at least have great internals as a consolation prize for getting whacked with both a class-based ATK demerit and shitty base ATK.


Ooh! Thank you! It’s the same artist who drew in the devilman anthology!

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not a fan of his art but being able to double buff every servant is nice


I’m glad he at least has a little bit of partywide utility to set him apart from the overpacked looper market, although Assassins at least are a somewhat underloaded class as Arts loopers go. Also very curious to keep an eye on what the deal is with him and Mystic Code skills - depending on what exactly that passive does, he could prove to be a big shake-up purely on that alone.

Visually, I actually really do like the art style but it does feel a little bit lacking in polish for a release on this scale. Looks like something I’d expect to see in a late-stage concept art or early promotional material, not a finished product.


3rd ascension is super badass, will probably roll for him when he comes in 2 years. Gimme some top tier male servants… we need all we can get. I np5’d Odysseus because he’s cool but not even top tier. He’s like an assassin da vinci with more damage, with the overcharge being replaced with more partywide battery/attack.


Someone turned up the contrast on his art and this was the result


anyone know when they add the new mats to the prism shop?

This is from google translate, so take it with a grain of salt, but this is from app media regarding his mystic code buffing skill.

(3) Enhanced new master skills


Master skill effect size perhaps 10%? Possess new class skills to increase. Any effect with a multiplier will probably increase it by 10%, so a 20% NP charge for the Magic Society uniform will increase to 22%, and 20 Anniversary Blonde stars will increase it to 22.

I haven’t been able to verify all the effects, but if I think that the buff effect that can be given is higher than NP, it will increase by 5%, it will be related to the definitive line in the lap, so it is difficult to experience, but it can be said that it is a soberly powerful effect.


I’m interested as how this would affect the master. Guess I’ll have to wait for the LB to see

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Just noticed that the gamepress page doesn’t have that his 3rd skill inflicts “Grants self Sunlight Battlefield Nullification buff for 3 turns” (fategrandorder.fandom.com has it listed though ). Also, I am not sure how it works, I used Tez’ skill 3 before Ozy’s NP but he still got the Sunlight battlefield. May be it’s enemies only? Ozy’s is a 500% change to get the battlefield though.

It also doesn’t remove the battlefield once it’s already there, the description does say buff so this makes more sense just not sure how this works.

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Maybe it’s like an eclipse only for him.