[JP] 5* Berserker Morgan

Source: Atlas Academy




Skill 1

Skill 2

Skill 3

Noble Phantasm and NP gain

Bond CE

Rabbit’s Review

Rath’s Review


I’m disappointed we didn’t get her with a veil like in Fate Apocrypha


I like this Castoria Alter




This looks nothing like a plane!

Overall I find her kit quite interesting, and I suspect her NP name is supposed to be “Lordless Camelot” which I just think sounds kinda badass. I’m not particularly disappointed with her design but I wish they’d given her a bit more uniqueness than just Dark Castoria.

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What in the ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ is that skill


Hey look an AoE Berserker with 50% Charge


I don’t think it’s as complicated as it looks but yeah, you gotta read it a few times.

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Is this her NP Chant? XP

Overall not what i expected and the ascensions are too similar to each other but Morgan is Morgan, i like her.

My rolls were crap though.


In first glace, she looks busted ngl,
She seems way too self-sufficient in stars, np gauge, battery. Has ridiculous dmg steroids (lacks an innate buster buff though). Her synergy with merlin and castoria seems bonkers.
Closest comparison is AA, but in first glance I feel…, i dare not say it though.

I gotta ask. Why does her skills have “[Enemy] Increase Charge by 1 for party” listed for two of her skills even though it clearly doesn’t do that? I noticed it’s also listed in other skills of other Servants.

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If only she was arts, it would’ve been a better fit for her aesthetics in my opinion.

Maybe they didn’t want to make her Castoria viable for obvious reasons though.

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That np looks really nice. Too bad she competes with aa, being a buster aoe zerk

when she is enemy then this does so

If she is an enemy servant then her crit gather up skill will instead increase her crit rate by 20 % and rest are similar.

so her 3rd skill gives guts, crits and lowers enemy’s bunch of stats. Battery is nice since its a berserker and got bonus damage against knights but doesnt give morgan vibes for me

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Not what I was expecting but I still love her design.

I’ll need to her side by side with AA but I’m tentatively excited.

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mom i want arjuna alter
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outside of her skills and looks, i hate everything about morgan. i hate that she’s a berzerker. i hate that her np is buster. her outfits look the same. she’s not a castor. just disappointed at it all…

will np5, grail to 100, and gold fou her when she comes to na.