[JP] 5* Foreigner Kukulkan

Source: Atlas Academy DB
Availability: Limited
Stats @ Lv 90:

  • HP: 13365
  • ATK: 12584


  • QABBB, B Noble Phantasm
  • Q-4, A-3, B-3, E-5 hitcounts
  • NP Gain: 0.78
  • Defensive NP Gain: 3%
  • Death Rate: 5%
  • Star Gen: 15%
  • Star Weight: 153
  • Gender: Female
  • Attribute: Star
  • Alignments: Lawful Good
  • Traits: Female, Servant, Humanoid, Immune to Pigify


[ civilization creation (Bunmeisakusei ) EX ] :

  • While on the field, increase party’s Debuff Success Rate by 8%.


  • Any Invincibility Buffs applied to self will turn into Anti-Purge Defense
  • 10 Crit Star Regen
  • 3% NP Gauge Regen

Append Skills:

  • 1st: Increases the performance of Extra Attack Cards by (30 -50)%.
  • 2nd: Starts the battle with (10 - 20)% NP Gauge.
  • 3rd: Increase own damage against Moon Cancer type enemies by (20 - 30)%


[ jade charisma (Jade no Karisuma ) A+ ] : (7 - 5) CD

  • Apply a (10 - 20)% ATK Buff to the party
  • Apply a (20 - 30)% Crit Resistance Buff to the party (3 turns)
  • Option to consume 10 Crit Stars to apply a (20 - 30)% ATK Buff to self (3 turns)

[ We Winged Serpents (We are winged snakes ) EX ] (8 - 6) CD

  • Charge one ally’s NP Gauge by (30 - 50)%
  • Option to consume 10 Crit Stars to apply Evade to one ally (2 times, 3 turns) and Sure Hit to one ally (3 turns)

[ Golden Tree Sea Journey (Ougonjukai Ikkou ) EX ] : (8 - 6) CD

  • Apply Invincibility to self (1 turn)
  • Apply a (20 - 30)% Buster Buff to self (3 turns)
  • Apply a (30 - 50)% Crit Damage Buff to self (3 turns)
  • Option to consume 10 Crit Stars to apply a (20 - 30)% NP Damage Buff to self (3 turns)

Noble Phantasm: [ Stars fall from the sky (Kinichi Ahau Impact )]

  • 5 Hit AOE, Buster NP
  • Apply a 50% SP.DMG against Threat to Humanity enemies Buff to self (1 turn) (Activates first)
  • Deals (300 - 500)% damage scaling with NP level
  • Deals additional (150 - 200)% SuperEffective damage against Earth Attribute enemies
  • Apply Skill Seal to all enemies (1 turn)
  • Gain 30 Crit Stars

Bond CE: First Gift

  • When on the field, apply a 30% NP Damage Buff to self
  • Gain 20 Crit Star on first entry

Well… as broken as we expected.

I should probably wait until the Valentine’s banner drops (both banners should overlap a few days) before rolling for her, just in the case Joan ends up being a cool support, but man it’s gonna be hard.


I’ll have to wait for the comparison with Dark Koyan to decide who to get on NA but i think i may end up rolling for her instead now.


Even though that second passive is essentially a souped up version of Existence Outside the Domain, Kukulkan still technically doesn’t have Existence Outside the Domain meaning no synergy with Van Gogh.


I’m surprised she’s playable with those broken passives



I like the semi-unique star-cost gimmick, but I’m feeling pretty underwhelmed by the kit. Kinda hoped the summonable kit would be different to the NPC’s, but oh well. At least she’s pretty.

Wait wait wait… The passive she got is permanent? It’s not only tied to LB7 maps?

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I don’t like her design. She covers way more skin than a typical summer servant, but the subversion of expectations that pants are at least supposed to cover your butt, and they don’t… in any ascension. That just annoys me so much I haven’t managed to even read what her kit is.

Unless she’s got op characterization I doubt I’ll try for her


My extreme salt aside, she is hilariously busted.

Koyandark had similar steroid amounts, before accounting for DKS, and had way lower attack and battery to compensate… But Kukulkan not only has really good attack and a bigger battery but also even more steroids that all stack with DKS AND a buusted passive to go with her NP’s insane star income.

I don’t like her for being representative of all I dislike over LB7 and being a huge middle finger to Quetzalcoatl.

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I’ve stayed out of the story, so I didn’t have any idea how she’s portrayed. Sorry to hear that’s how she turned out though.


Non spoiler version is that she doesn’t actually have anything to do with Quetzalcoatl, the aztecs or the mayans despite being named “Kukulkan”.

She also looks and sounds nothing like Quetzalcoatl but is basically her replacement.


So she should be a pretender class, got it


I would certainly prefer full pants as well. But to be fair to the first ascension, those are assless chaps with super short shorts underneath, not pants.

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Which are supposed to be worn over pants, so makes little difference in my mind. Why bother protect your legs from chaffing if not your rear?

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She is busted.


is that np1?

Fully maxed, NP5

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She’s insane but is too similar to Godjuna to roll for and they basically do the same thing.

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