[JP] 5* MoonCancer: Archetype Earth

Source: Atlas Academy
Availability: Limited
Stats @ Lv 90:

  • HP: 14175
  • ATK: 11601


  • QAABB, B Noble Phantasm
  • Q-4, A-4, B-3, E-5 hitcounts
  • NP Gain: 0.45
  • Defensive NP Gain: 3%
  • Star Gen: 15%
  • Death Rate: 0.6%
  • Star Weight: 50
  • Gender: Female
  • Attribute: Star
  • Alignments: Good, Chaotic (Ascension 0,3,4), Neutral (Ascension 1,2)
  • Traits: Female, Servant, Humanoid


Magic Resistance A+:

  • Increase own Debuff Resistance by 21%

Territory Creation EX:

  • Increase own Arts Card performance by 12%

Item Construction A:

  • Increase own Debuff Success Rate by 10%

Independent Action A:

  • Increase own Crit Damage by 10%

[ Primitive one (Gensho no Ichi ) D ]

  • Apply a 30% Quick/Arts/Buster Buff if on a Millennium Castle Battlefield?

Append Skills:

  • 1st: Increases the performance of Extra Attack Cards by (30 -50)%.
  • 2nd: Starts the battle with (10 - 20)% NP Gauge.
  • 3rd: Increase own damage against Foreigner type enemies by (20 - 30)%


[ Rainbow evil eye (Niji no Magan ) A ] : (8 - 6) CD

  • Apply Skill Seat to all enemies (1 turn)
  • Apply a (10 - 20)% DEF Debuff to all enemies (3 turns)
  • Apply a (20 - 30)% ATK Buff to self (3 turns)

[ Breath of stars (Hoshino Ibuki ) C ] : (9 - 7) CD

  • Charge own NP gauge by (50 - 100)%
  • Apply a (10 - 20)% NP Damage Buff to self (3 turns)

[ Fanny Vamp (Fannie Vamp! ) EX ] : (8 - 6) CD

  • Apply Invincible to the party (1 time, 3 turns)
  • (50 - 100)% chance to apply Buff Removal Resistance to Good Servants (1 turn)
  • Charge NP Gauge of other party members by (20 - 30)% if on a Millennium Castle Battlefield?

[ Realization of fantasy (Marble fantasism )]

  • 4 Hit AOE, Buster NP
  • Change the Battlefield to the Millennium Castle
  • Deals (300 - 500)% damage scaling with NP level
  • Deals additional (150 - 200)% SuperEffective Damage against Chaotic Enemies (Scales with NP Level)
  • Charge NP Gauge of other Living Human party members by (20 - 40)%

Bond CE: [ Moon Margaret ]

  • If Archetype Earth is on the field, apply a 25% NP Damage Buff to the party if Archetype Earth is on the Millennium Castle Battlefield

Of course she has a 100% battery and AOE NP. Attack to go with Koyan and NP Up to go with Oberon

The money prints itself


I love me some good Archepog Earth

Hmm so she can black grail farming with that huge battery

And she has 2 sets of AoE charge, if it’s the right allies up to 70%. A party invul with debuff removal resist for Good Servants.

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If I read her passive right, I think she also has a 30% rainbow buff while Castle Brunestud is up (the terrain change from her NP).

All in all, she’s loaded as hell.

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7 CD battery but with double Koyan+ Atlas Arcueid can still use it twice within 3 turns. I refuse to believe this interaction isn’t intentional


Need to double check that Unknown Trait and that Change Field think on her NP

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I’m about 90% sure those two are linked, aka, she gets an extra 30% rainbow buff while the terrain effect is up. As for why it’s coded this way instead of just giving her a rainbow buff, I think maybe there are going to be other characters who can also interact with this terrain-change mechanic.

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Honestly? More restraint than I expected. 100% battery is dumb powerful, plus the massive passive buff if her NP is up, but this definitely could have been more stupid.


Still very cracked, Atlas mystic code and Koyan = BG loop everything.

30 card up as a passive, 42 for arts. Up to 70% aow charge for pseudo servants.

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So apparently her field doesn’t persist between waves at least according to one of the gp guys who already got her

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So that 30% rainbow passive won’t come up in farming unless the field applies before damage

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Yeah but it pre-casts on NP so that doesn’t matter as she will recast the NP


Okay good less stupid then


lol her and lolilot make me laugh when i see this


Oh yes. She’s still the dumbest single Servant we’ve ever seen, but I expected her support to not be restricted to pseudo-Servants and, in some small part, for her to change NP colour with Ascension so you could support her with anyone and BG loop for free. It’s more a reflection of how stupid I thought they’d make her than how stupid she turned out to be.


She can 70% charge living pseudos and demis like Mash on top of cracked self charge. Even if her raw stats were potato she would be a nutty 120 target for most.

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Okay think I got it, the unique trait is being on the Millennium Castle Battlefield and she can create the Battlefield using her NP

Arcueid w/BG/anyCE - DKS - Atlas MC is legit less setup than DCS

Who made this