[JP] 5* Pretender Lady Avalon

Source: Atlas Academy
Availability: Limited
Stats @ Lv 90:

  • HP: 13822
  • ATK: 11556


  • QAAAB, A Noble Phantasm
  • Q-4, A-3, B-4, E-5 hitcounts
  • NP Gain: 0.53
  • Defensive NP Gain: 3%
  • Star Gen: 19.8%
  • Death Rate: 16.5%
  • Star Weight: 102
  • Gender: Female
  • Attribute: Earth
  • Alignments: Chaotic Good
  • Traits: Female, Servant, Humanoid, Weak to Enuma Elish, Hominidae, Knights of the Round


Territory Creation D:

  • Increase own Arts Card performance by 4%

Item Construction A+:

  • Increase own Debuff Success Rate by 11%

Mixed Blood EX:

  • Charges own NP Gauge by 5% each turn

[High-speed chant (demon)Kosoku Eisho (Yo) EX]:

  • Start battle with 20% NP Gauge

Independent Manifestation A:

  • Increase own Crit Damage by 10%
  • Increase own Instant Death Resistance by 10%
  • Increase own Mental Debuff Resistance by 10%

Append Skills:

  • 1st: Increases the performance of Extra Attack Cards by (30 -50)%.
  • 2nd: Starts the battle with (10 - 20)% NP Gauge.
  • 3rd: Increase own damage against Saber type enemies by (20 - 30)%


[light in your handLight on your side B]: (8 - 6) CD

  • Apply a (30 - 50)% Arts Buff to one ally (3 turns)
  • Apply a (2000 - 3000) HP Max HP+ Buff to one ally (3 turns)
  • Apply a (50 - 100)% Crit Buff to one ally (1 turn)

[flowers blooming in the summer nightNatsuyo ni Sakuhana D]: (8 - 6) CD

  • Apply a (10 - 20)% ATK Buff to the party (3 turns)
  • Charge party’s NP Gauge by 20%
  • Overcharge party’s NP by 1 (1 time, 3 turns)

[Muma no shoreThe banks of the horse EX]: (10 - 8) CD

  • Apply Invincible to the party (1 turn)
  • Apply “NP Charge Block” Debuff on all enemies (1 time)
  • Charge own NP Gauge by (10 - 20)% per enemy

[Utopia beckoning far awayWinds of Avalon]

  • Arts Support NP
  • Apply a (3000 - 5000) Max HP+ Buff to the party (3 turns) (Scales with NP)
  • Apply a (5 - 10)% NP Regen Buff to the party (3 turns) (Scales with NP)
  • Apply a (5 - 25) Crit Star Regen Buff to self (5 turns)

Bond CE: “The Pure White I Saw That Summer”

  • When on the field, apply a 10% Arts Buff to the party
  • When on the field, apply a 15% Crit Damage Buff to the party




I mean his kit is always for stall. Nothing weird.

Her kit looks almost the same as OG Merlin, but arts. Some differences here and there.


She really only has that one swimsuit ascension with the rest being more inline with what you would expect for her.

She legit is basically just female arts Merlin. I guess RIP Tamamo who now only really has cooldown reduction for arts. I like OG Merlins invul better because Lady Avalon drains enemy NP while applying NP meaning that you cant tank an NP with it unless they charge.

Funny that OG Merlin is great for Artoria, but Lady Avalon sucks for Arthur.


Wait, so her 3rd skill applies invincibility AND drains enemy’s gauge? That’s… well. Weird. I mean, one usually uses invincibility on the NP turn. Right? RIGHT? :fgo_davincishook: Seems like we’ll need another source for invincibility on the team as well anyway)


Now there’s finally an arts crit support that has a kit with no missing pieces. I’m probably going to pull for her in 2 years if I’m still playing by then.

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Need to double check that 3rd skill

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If I’m reading it correctly, the NP gauge drain is on a delayed effect that will apply at the end of the enemies turn. If that is how the skill works, then it won’t be a problem to tank NPs with it.


That’s what her Arcade NP does.

I was waiting to see how it’d be handled and it just wasn’t lmao


That would be a weird effect because if you use it on an NP turn to tank they wont have any charge to drain. I guess it could be helpful with multi enemy waves with different NP bar lengths, but still.


Tama completely dead. Arts Merlin can NP without assistance against 2 or 3 enemies (2 with lv10 ML) and has OC up for Castoria and otherwise brings a mostly Merlin kit to Arts.

Crit was the only thing Arts didn’t have an SSR support for, so I guess it fits.

This completely confirms for me that Skadi is bringing Quick back herself.


Now we just need an Arts Morgan and the OG avalon team will be replaced

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But usually use invul on enemy/ies NP turn. There’s nothing to drain after they used NP usually. It’s kinda gimmick, unless the delay works after certain turn.

shes fine. we knew this would happen.

That would be helpful for enemies with passive NP gain, I guess, but still some weird choice. Would be more logical if it’d apply, say, one turn after.


Nyeh - with overcharge support and residual charge for the party, if you’re playing defense pair her with a Castoria to do the NP tanking. You’ll have no trouble routinely setting up 4-fold stacks of super invuln, and if you do ever fail you can just heal it off. The extra invuln just gives you a free turn elsewhere.


I’m guessing they made the skill that way so it can be used to tank enemy NPs without making the charge too clunky and awkward to play around. Even if you don’t get the value from the charge it’s still a teamwide invul and personal battery which is a pretty good deal even without the drain.

That being said, I could be interpreting the skill wrong so we’ll just have to wait and see when she becomes playable.

So Quick is dead and Tamy is gone too. Really hope Skadi is the new quick support