[JP] 6/1 LB 6.5 "Death and Revelation World Traum: Life and Death of a certain Illusion" Stream

Stream to start on June 1st at 2000 JST with the pre-stream starting at 1930 JST. Stream to cover last minute information on LB 6.5.

The following people will be involved:

  • Rumi Okubo (Astolfo, Elizabeth)
  • Shinichiro Kamio (Constantine)
  • Aoi Yuuki ( Okita, Shuten, Jinako)
  • MC Mafia Kajita

Stream info

Youtube Stream

Live translations by Tolovetrouble on Twitch


Reserved for recap

7th Anniversary Info

LB 6.5 Info



The following topics of discussion are both allowed and encouraged:

  • Previous story content
  • Speculations or theories about LB 6.5
  • Any new gameplay features
  • The gameplay of the new Servants though there will be dedicated topics for each of them

The following topics of discussion aren’t allowed:

  • Any story spoilers about LB 6.5 once it releases, create your own topic if you want to talk about it. If you absolutely must talk about it in this topic then at the very least use the Hide Details feature. I would highly prefer that this thread doesn’t turn into the LB 6.5 story discussion thread
  • Any story spoilers about the LB 6.5 Servants also aren’t allowed in each of their respective dedicated topics.

Any leaks are tentatively allowed but they must be hidden using the Hide Details feature.


At this point, it’s very likely that the far left female is Kundry.


I also agree that Kundry is going to be involved due to her connection to Salome and Percival’s most recent Interlude.

Any particular reason why you think it’s far left Servant? The sword is pretty prominent part of the far left Servant’s design and I don’t recall reading about any swords in my brief research about Kundry. The far right has that long veil and could have something similar to Salome’s veil and design.


Now that you mention it, it does track more with the right one.

If i’m not mistaken, Kundry beat Erice in the prologue of Requiem’s story and she was dressed as a Nun. That said, i’ve seen some speculation she could be Olga of Kiev which fits with the seemingly Eastern European setting and also because she does have connections with Constantine XVII.

I guess you could also say the far left is Kriemhld, but i don’t know, i find it a little crazy to believe two sets of lovers are gonna be reunited with this chapter. Kundry simply has more evidence she’s gonna play a role (Requiem being the bulk of it) than Kriem where it’s literally just a sword that kinda looks like Balmung and Siegfried and Kihoyime being on the list of bonus Servants.

That said, if it’s the both of them, then it’s the best case scenario.


It seems the added Aoi Yuki to the broadcast list.



So it’s the hot profile image this time. I always found those round glasses to look weird on her but this time it fits her very nicely. I love it when a seiyuu have more than just one “voice”.

I wonder if they insert Kundry if she’s going to have 3 totally different Ascensions based on her lore. That would be nice. The interactions between her and Salome would also be interesting to see.

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She could also be Kriemhild which would be funny because Aoi also voiced Madoka.

Madoka memes let’s gooo

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Assuming Higashide is writing this chapter, then the memes go further because he’s a close friend of Urobuchi.

I sure hope it won’t be a Madoka or Victorique voice but instead a Tanya voice she does for Kriemhild if it’s her. If she doesn’t Kundry and we have 3 totally different ascensions then we can get 3 different Aoi voices. :fgo_skadilove:

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Yes please


Reminder that the Stream is at a later time than usual and should start about 7-8 hours from now.

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Now that the defense quests are all unlocked, I really enjoyed them despite not usually liking escort quests and the like. I’m glad they’re doing more with these Limited Quests than just “pre-existing fight but with inflated HP” like Road to 7


Stream has started

New artwork of the Extra Cast by Wada Arco for their new artbook and exhibit


New logo for the 7th Anniversary. Also the theme this year is Re:Collection


July 30th will be the LB6 Dramalogue while the actual 7th Anniversary Stream will be on July 31st


Preview of 7th Anniversary Servant artwork featuring Zenobia, Barghest, and Demon King Nobu