[JP] 6/29 "Nanrei Yubari Hakkenden" Event Stream

Ibuki is great.
But tbh, I feel like Shuten should have had Ibuki energy from the beginning.

But yah, I guess if we get Ibuki too it’s better to have more diversity.

Especially if there are lore reasons.
Excited to find out :fgo_insane:

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At least in Shuten’s case, her being short and having more softer features are used to contrast just how much more if a monster she is compared to other Oni.

There’s also the fact they used Shuten’s VA figure and some of her likeness in the design.



Same deal with Wada’s females. Kiara looks really tall with her body proportions but is my height or shorter. Wut.

Mandatory Medusa mention. At least Gorgon fixed that, technically.


More artwork for the 7th Anniversary.

Kama. All the pins are references to Servants from LB1

Eresh, Marie, and Medb and Suzuka, Charlotte, and Kiyohime

Riyo Artwork


Eresh looks like the Wish version of Luvia.

Medb looks iconic, as usual.

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Someone at Lasagna obviously likes Charlotte, seeing as she’s now been in the anni art twice.

Also I feel like we missed the opportunity to clown appropriately on the first batch. Jacques seems to have stolen Galatea’s pants (along with the rest of her fit I guess) and Ruler Moriarty looks like a vtuber design that got rejected for having too many elements. And while Billy does get points for looking very submissive and breedable, he’s literally just wearing jeans, kind of a let-down for anniversary art.

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She needed to borrow some powerful pants to contain those skull crushers until the time is right.


Not sure where to put this but Minamoto no Tametomo:


Skill 1: Buster up 3 times, 3 turns [30-50%], and increase critical strenght [20-30%]. CD 7-5
Skill2: NP charge [20-30%], Guts [1000-2000HP, 1 time, 3 turns] and trigger on guts, “increase NP damage for self 10-20%, 1 time, 3 turns and remove debuff from self”. CD 8-6
Skill3: Aply sure hit for 5 turns, and appy trigger skill every turn, “increase NP strenght 10-20% 1 time, 5 turns” and increase NP gauge per turn 5-10%. CD 9-7

NP: Grant ignore invicibility (1T) and ignore defense (1T) and increse Buster card effectiveness on Waterside field (20%, 1 turn) and deals significant damage to all enemies (300-500%) and supereffective damage to lawful enemies (150-200%)

Passives: Magic resistance C, independent action B
Appende skill 3: Deals increased damage against Berserker enemies.

He’s good but not great. He looks hella cool tho so that should be enough to persuade a lot of people to roll for him


I was not expecting the 2nd Banner to release so early so I was asleep when the JP Server updated.

Thanks to @Cards for getting Tametomo’s information out so quickly.


Feel free to drop your regular updates/commentary in the thread!

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Now that Tametomo is finally released, here’'s the updated list:

Unless one of them is a LB7 Servant, then they have to come in the next couple of months (Tunguska was supposed to come out around Anniversary last year, hence why Jiang Ziya is there).


Banner featuring Hokusai. Hokusai’s Trial Quest is now free for players who have completed Salem.


OK is it me or do I read these words way too often


Also, @Psychedeliccreature your fgo message is still censored

You are not alone. This is her 3rd banner in ~14 months with her most recent one being only 6 months ago


What? Lame I’ve had that message ever since I started playing.

Anyway CC is against Bakin and Hokusai. Bakin has a gimmick where her attacks and some skills apply a Quick Debuff to an enemy. At 7 stacks the enemy gets charmed. Hokusai has a similar gimmick except with Arts Debuffs. Other than that the two also throw around a bunch of Buffs and Debuffs.

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One of these days I’ll get around to organizing 7th Anniversary stuff

Artwork of Mandircardo, Caster Gil, and Robin

Izou in LB2 Style and Dobrynya in LB3 Style


And Fou, never forget the Fou.

I also noticed that both Gudao, Gudako and Mash appear in the Runaway artwork. With the exception of the Cover for Anni 7. This is the only place they appear. Interesting.

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