Jp account giveaway

I wanted to scratch my gacha itch so I booted up my alt to roll for Merlin. Didn’t get him :/ Got spooked by Hime and Tammy so its not bad…

I looked through the account and it was actually really good. Plenty of solid servants as well as limited ones. Realistically I was never gonna play it so I’m hoping that I could someone who wanted to start on JP by setting them up with a nice account.

Every one who wants it lemme know and I’ll decide who can have it.
Edit: Just realised Hoku Waver Tammy makes a solid arts-core lol

Update 1 Update : Serveral poster have noted that (a) There is an influx of new accounts (b) there is a high possibility of people making multiple accounts.

In order to counter this only users who have set up an account for at least a week and or demonstrate some degree of activit y and involvement with the community will be eligible for the giveaway. I’m sorry that many will be thus excluded from opportunity but it must be done. Part of it is also out of my desire to see the account goes to someone who genuinely cares to manage it well. And how active someone is /how long they’ve been in the community is the only metric available to be to gauge that.

Update 2: This will close on 20 August 900am UTC
Do the conversion yourself. I.e. all requests for account made after this cut off will not be entertained.


I might be interested since I just lost one of my good accounts with the only waver I’ve ever had … but you need to guide me on how to set up on being able to use a jp account

not interested in the account myself, just out of curiosity: you used that free auto-max ascension from the 4th anniversary on hokusai, didn’t you?

Yea I did. Figured she would be the best to level dps wise for her neutral affinity to most classes.

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Do you by chance, have an Astolfo or Skadi in that mix somewhere? If so my interest just doubled.

sorted by rarity, so skadi is out at least (unless she’s in the second archive, for whatever reason)

That’s a strong account actually, though I barely have the time to grind on my NA account. So I doubt I could ever put such a great account to good use. Good luck finding someone.

Hello! Can i take it? I’ve been wanting to play on JP but with EN having a lot of events currently i haven’t been able to try.

I’d be very interested in that just for Hokusai and Fran, 2 servants i could never get so i’d finally have an excuse to play JP.

Though that is a very good account, If you have any luck i bet you could find someone who can trade it for an account with Merlin.

wonder if i can get this account cause i want to try hokusai so bad before start rolling for her in NA

Im interested in this account since the ones I made had really bad rolls (Im talking to you S u m a n a i)

Not that I would necessarily deserve a starter jp account over anyone else, it would be really amazing if I could have an account with Hokusai particularly, pretty much one of my favorite servants. Been meaning to try out jp but haven’t had the conviction of starting anew.

I’m really interested in it too, cause you have melloi, and because I’ve never played jp, and I wanted to start playing on it from such a long time, but I didn’t wanted to restart everything, so it could be really great

I would really appreciate the account. I’ve been wanting to get into the Fate series as a whole and have heard a lot of the lore is in GO. I was scared to get into it because I had already been playing another Gacha daily for years. But if there is an opportunity to get into it without being super far behind everybody that would be great!

This is true…the loading screen has the lore of a random servant. You can tap on the screen to see different ones.

I would like the account cause I only got the English, if I start first I will hard for me to collect few servant

I’ll enter into the giveaway

This is great. I want to try JP but i heard event in JP are too hard for newbie , hope i can get this account so i won’t stay behind

Just asking, are you going to roll rng to choose the winner or something?

(also a bit interested in the account)
(Edit: how do you install jp anyways?)