Jp account giveaway

Yup. RNG.Gonna wait for like another day or 2 so more people can have a shot. I’ll be PMing the winner the code and password.

I’d love to try.

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So does this rng event cost any SQ? or are we going to do this " Hunger Games " style?

I’m interested in this account, hope i can get it

Wow, a lot of accounts were created just for the giveaway, or maybe it’s one very enthusiastic person? These are just speculations, I hope no one got offended.

I would love to enter please count me in you would make me very happy. ty for this giveaway and gl everyone <3

I made an account just for this.
I would love that account so much, good luck everyone.

This seem fun. I will give it a shot.
Goodluck everyone.

Yeah I hope it’s the former, and somehow a bunch of lurkers jumped on board for the chance at a solid JP account to start with. Nothing wrong with wanting to start off strong, I just hope these people’s actually contribute to the community beyond this thread.

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The giveaway appeared on Google as a recommendation lol. I’ve been using Gamepress for years and just haven’t made an account so that is probably why.

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id love to give it a try since id really like to use hokusai ~

Can I enter ? ;-;

I only been playing in NA servers for over a year but it will be very good to have a second acc in the JP server because they are 2 years more advanced and there are a lot of new servants we don’t have here in NA.

If you want to giveaway your acc, i would gladly accept it.

I Have been thinking of starting a jp acc after the salt na gave me during summer. If you are giving it away, having a headstart would ease my life.

Can I have it? I want to adopt this account after miserably failing to get Cas Nero or any summer servants in NA. And if I fail to get Hokusai in NA at least I will have her in a jp account. I’ll put it to good use.

i’m interested in this account, let’s hope to have more luck than my usual rolls :sob:

I really like jalter i have a jp account its not that great but I would like jalter

I am interested in this one, will try to take good care of it

Man this stream of new accounts really is suspicious…

17 new users