JP Apocrypha Event added to the Summon Sim

This is the first time I’ve added a Summon Sim to the list myself. I think I handled everything correctly, but this one might have some mistakes?

If some of you run into any issues, let me know and I’ll attempt to fix them whilst Norse is sleeping.

Mind you, this means we can add these a lot faster in the future, now that I’ve learned how to add them as well.

More Apocrypha content is coming up, almost all quest entry is done.


Already found an issue. With my luck in the 2+ years of rolling on both the simulator and ingame, rolling a 5 star on the first 10x, or 11x in this case, is an impossibility.


Astolfo (Saber)

I can finally get the last copy I need for NP5


Aye, this banner is actually very good civilization. Loads of nice Servants to roll, and none of that ridiculous shared 5* Banner stuff.

Plus, some juicy, valued 4* Servants.

Vlad and Siegeber spook… XD

Finally NP 5 my Achilles

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