[JP] Christmas 2020 Rerun

That’s fair.

This 90+ node is fairly easy anyways so there are a ton of comps that work, and for 20 boxes doing a 4 or even 5 turn clear is acceptable time wise.

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Do we have a thread for the NA XMAS ? I need to prepare my team correctly and since I missed more than a year and a half of FGO, I really need a good plan, a really good one :fgo_insane:

It usually shows up a week before the event, so that should be today or tomorrow.

Still don’t know how I feel about this rerun.

Lasengle says they want to reduce the number of reruns to focus on newer events, but a lot of the new events this year have been padded out and could have been finished in 2 weeks. So when they finally bring back a rerun, it’s at a time where players actually want to get to the newer story and content.

Also why Christmas 2020 specifically? If there was better planning, this could have turned into a Christmas Omnibus style Event that could have also dealt with Christmas 2019 and 2021. But Christmas 2019 with Quetz is still in some weird limbo and it’s looking like another case of waiting 2 YEARS for a rerun of Christmas 2021 and Martha.


Yeah, the lack of Christmas Omnibus surprises me.

As silly it sounds on NA, I kind of hope that this might come in January.

Alternatively, maybe they stopped with the omnibus approach because they’ll be launching a new system for past welfare acquisition and coins, but that’s quite a maybe.


Looks like the prerelease campaign for our own event was just announced :fgo_jeannecheer:


The Glorious Path to Santa Claus looks like it’s coming on the 12th or 13th…

When do we usually get them? Monday or Sunday?


That would be very welcome but with no indication of such it still comes across as really random.

Karna Christmas and not Martha Christmas I mean.

Unless they only did it because Bradamante got a rate up recently and they don’t want to rerun Skadi which are associated with christmas 4 and 7…


Maybe it has something to do with their officially unexplained refusal to rerun Quetzmas, making Karnamas the next in line for an older-but-still-somewhat-recent rerun? No idea.


Stopped? They hardly started the omnibus. They did one shortly after introducing Servant coins for only the Liz alts (not even Shuten), giving people hope for the others only to ghost everyone else unless they were lucky enough to get a rerun like Sieg. Soon™ isn’t enough anymore for any supposed updates to the system. Until we have concrete proof that there is something out there to correct the issues in the system, in the meantime this is just another case of delayed QoL that they could absolutely implement but refuse to do.


Yes, that is what stopped was intended to mean :slight_smile:

All we can do is hope since we have no idea what they think they’re doing.


Are we sure even they know what they think they’re doing?




I was really hoping something awesome with how Lasagna started out from DW with Arc and Omnibus style but alas…

Hope is a dangerous thing.


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Yes, only for 10 boxes, but it’s still useful.

On a related note, I wonder if we’ll get coins for Karna now that JP is getting them.

Hopefully we get some good Rank-ups in the rerun.

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I mean, it’s obvious this Re-Run is a desperate measure to fill for time just like that Nerofest Re-Run was.

LB6 was already being worked to the last minute because Nasu was even making changes as Part 1 was being released and with the confirmation that, again, Nasu wrote more for LB7 than intended, i wouldn’t be surprised this is to have more hands on deck on what i assume is them still getting the kinks out before release.

The weirder thing still is that they are doing this Re-Run right before NA is getting it.


It really looks like that. They probably planned to skip Xmas due to a tentative LB7 release around the start of December but shit happened and here we are with a long ass Road To 7 / Pre-LB7 campaign and a fast rerun to avoid a full dead month. The new servants releasing after the Lostbelt smells like an attempt to buy more time too.

I have to assume because NA is about to get Karnamas as well. This isn’t the first time JP has launched re-runs or main interludes at the same time the original event is launching in NA (this just happened with Imaginary Scramble).


It’s a sense of synergy that only makes sense if JP is trying to entice people in NA with what’s happening in JP. Otherwise, it’s just odd.