JP: Christmas 5 Announced, Nightingale Takes The Mantle Of Santa

Okitas overall health during lifetime doesn’t change the fact that she’s a prodigy in terms of sword fighting.

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small brain people
astolfo saber was made ssr because of a joke

big brain people
astolfo saber was made ssr because he would sell more doujins at comiket

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Why not both?

also yea
okita being ssr is actually dumb and the best example of how lore doesnt reflect rarity
stats wise, the thing that actually matters in nasuverse for the actual war
shes the weakest saber and has worse stats than gillies
and the prodigy excuse doesnt cut it cause

li shu wen and izou exist, one whom is equal in terms of genius to okita
and one who actually surpasses okita to the point his spear technique is unmatched
are not SSRs

ssr astolfo just exist because people who want to whale for astolfo exist
and dw wants to earn money
so ssr astolfo


Santa Florence’s card-layout and nuke-effects appear to be out now, too:

QQAAB, green AoE nuke’s details look tasty, too:

* Powerful attack to all enemies

* Removes their defensive buffs

* Removes their Poison, Burn and Curse debuffs (Demerit)

* **Overcharge:**  Reduces the enemy's defense

DoT-effects are utilized by only few Servants, and it doesn’t particularly matter in average grind-setups which are supposed to do their thing before DoT can kick in, anyway.

That’s actually pretty cool flavor-wise as a demerit. Waiting for more details on her kit. But I’m already glad she’s AoE, another ST Quick Santa Archer would be so boring.

The last 2 quick AoEs have been quite underwhelming looping wise, not really expecting nightingale to break the mold here…

I like Astolfo’s animations, at least. I’ve always found whip swords cool. Though I’m not sure what the rationale is behind the whip sword.

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They look fine, but i expected something crazier with his animations specially when past Sabers are taken into account.

I guess DW got evaporation of sanity when they designed Saber Astolfo? His has some nice stuff like NP regen and PfA+Terror combo…and some weird stuff like Buster star gather on a 1 Buster deck as well as strangely gimped base NP gain. The overall package is…workable but unremarkable. I just can’t help but wonder how DW design their servants sometimes.

The Chinese forums already have an analysis out on Astolfo and Nightingale, here’s a chart comparing the Arts and Quick cards of SSR ST Sabers in terms of building gauge:

The servants listed (top to bottom) are:

Nightingale looks fun to use.
Her kit looks well tailored to her and the design+animations are appealing.

I’m surprised that the lottery ticket hasn’t been mentioned yet, I’m still at the first box but I hope it continues to hand out one/box as you can choose FEATHERS (forgot about what other materials are available)…

Also Arash will appreciate Nightingale’s buffs both guts and NP damage buffs are tied to one skill

“Stella!..huh why I am still alive?”

Master smiles and uses Command Spell.


In all seriousness, Nightingale is a powerful buffer on top of being a solid damage-dealer. 1.2*1.3 buff is good shiz not found on most other free servants welfare or low rarity.


It does sound promising but I’m having some problems in figuring out how it would work outside of a max K-scope or dual Waver or Waver/Skadi.
The final Wave could also be an issue outside of the dailies.

Oh. Remembered to check the ticket.
Claw, feather or giant ring.

I’m still alive? Caster Umu~

Master smiles and uses Command Spells.


“Time for my Golden Theater!”

“I’ll handle the Treatment.”

Kinda a waste of command seals, but funny nonetheless.


Arash Stella-loop now much more possible

Looks at Grailed level 80 Arash :fgo_insane:



1st Wave, K-Scope Arash with Waver Buffs. Second wave, Wave 30% charge, switch Waver with Waver, 50% Waver Charge, Arash 20% charge, Stella!

Last wave, DPS comes in with a MLB K-Scope or Charge skill with a 50% CE. +Whoever is the Guts servant. Black Grail Umu!

I don’t have a Waver though~ :fgo_astolfo:

And there is fanart already:


This Christmas is blessed! Santa Nurse Nightingale with fishnet tights!
I’m totally sold!

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