[JP] Christmas in the Underworld Update + New Advanced Quests

LOL I like this name and the CE design :smiley: Imagine what the Proofs equivalent could be called! Perhaps “Infinite Stack of Proofs” with a CE art that looks roughly like this:

I’m wondering if these CEs will be similar to the Master Exp ones which can’t be MLB’d… hopefully not!


Is the cost for this CE 9 like a regular 4* CE or did they give it the Heroic Portrait 5 cost?

Why am I asking but lemme hope


It’s 9


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At least it’s not a 5* CE :man_shrugging:


I like that this comes with a pseudo challenge quest or rather something other than just a normal battle I hope they make them more interesting when/if they do more. 5% is not alot, but hopefully we can MLB it to make slotting it in with bond CEs worth while. I’m interested to see where they go from here.

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I was going to write about how it will never get used over bond CEs without a bigger bump rate (unless you are restricted by deployment costs), but it might be useful during things like hunting quests/raids with drop rates significantly above the farming node ones.

Give me bone drop CE :catchancla:


Whoop de effing do. If it gave +1 (+2 if you can MLB) Void Dust drops, that would be something useful given the sheer amount of Void Dust we need to farm.

This is like USOs as FGO’s pity shard mechanic.

If it MLBs to +25%, then that’s actually useful if you can find a friend with the CE.


It was a good time to buff them both too. But we of the Indian spirit get jack. Balancing senses have been weaker nowadays~


Its not bad, actually its great. The MLB copy has been datamined as 25% dust rate up. Charlotte has a 68.3% drop rate, if we include 2 MLB copies (1 you own and a friends) thats 50% up on the base spawn rate. It works out at a 102.5% drop rate for dust in charlotte which is easily the highest in the game. Extremely good QOL. New company flexing hard on DW.


When were they buffed on JP/when can we expect the buffs on NA?

6th anniversary. iirc datamines suggested it was around 10% increase, but tbh it doesn’t feel like a noticeable difference than before


102% drop rate… holy…

That’s 4 Dust per run then? 280 AP = 14 runs x 4 = 64 Dust in a single day?

For real?


Is that the 68.3% per enemy, or for the wave overall, and do we know how the buff works yet? Cause if it’s 68.3% per run and the CE buffs per enemy, the new drop rate per run at +50% should be 84.69% (or less, depending on the mob-by-mob probability distribution). That’s still a huge bump, so I agree with your overall point, but over 100% drop rate on an FQ seems unlikely to me is all.


Nope, to my knowledge that’s the total drop chance.

On NA, the drop chance is probably 16% per shadow servant right now.
JP’s drop rate update probably buffed the drop chance of one servant in the final wave to 20%.
A single 5% drop bonus CE will likely increase drop chance to 16.8%/16.8%/16.8%/21% = 71.4% total, while 2x mlb would result in 102% total (24/24/24/30).
So 100 runs for 102 drops on average = about 14.28 drops per day.
Not outrageously awesome, but compared to NA that’s still nearly a 60% improvement.


In case anyone else is wondering:

  • You can play even if you have cleared the limited-time event “Merry Christmas of the Underworld” held in 2017 and the limited-time event “Reprint: Merry Christmas Light Edition of the Underworld” held in 2018.
  • If you have cleared “Main Interlude Merry Christmas in the Underworld”, you cannot play it again.

From here

Since I missed the original Christmas in the Underworld 2017/2018 runs, and am going to clear the Main Interlude version only, I won’t be able to re-do the quest in 2024. I guess it is to enforce that people spend RPs on Santa Altera’s NP levels? :thinking: