[JP] Fate/Apocrypha Blu-Ray Disc Box and Original Soundtrack Release Campaign

Campaign to run from October 27th to November 4th and commemorates the release of the Apocrypha Blue-Ray Disc and the original soundtrack.

1 Summon Ticket will be given to players when they first login during the campaign period.

There will also be an additional chance to get the Phantom Thief Costume Dress for Amakusa.

Summoning Banner featuring Apocrypha CE’s, Apocrypha related Servants, and some variants of Apocrypha Servants like Saber Astolfo, Summer Jeanne, Summer Fran, and Summer Mordred. Notable there is no rateup for Vlad, Saber Mordred, Achilles, and Atalante Alter.


Summer Mo daily rate-up :fgo_mordredshock: :fgo_jeannecheer:

not that my wallet will be able to handle it


One summon ticket? Thank you for your generosity small Indie company.

Summer Jeanne rate up while Zenobia still has a banner?!


Unless they interlude Jarcher’s NP gameplay wise she isn’t much of a sell over Zenobia imo, especially as the latter is on banner with a solid Quick SSR and easier to NP5.

That said Surfmo is probably a sweet hook/not an accompanying SR to sniff at.

And yeah that 1 summon ticket is fucking hilarious. Truly the most generous gacha.


All the people who can’t even roll NP1 for an SR are waiting in line to ambush you.

Don’t worry, I’m not one of them. I almost always get my SR rolls.



Statistically it’s a factual statement so they can form whatever line they want.



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Oh look, another banner to fail rolling Amakusa! :fgo_jeannecheer:

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An anime in 2017 didn’t have a box set until now?


Yes, there many old anime that gets a box set later on…after years. It all depends on if it will sell or not. Sometimes other related merchandise makes the old one popular and the fans scream for box sets.

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Problem with both Jarcher and Surfmo is that their damage is hardly impressive unless you are willing to go to high NP levels. With Zenobia out and Habetrot being able to take care of most Arts AE Rider needs, this banner doesn’t seem to be that great. Especially considering it comes after a large train of exceptionally powerful units which will likely drain all non-whale SQ anyway.

I just figure it would have had one after the blu rays are all released. Seems like an easy opportunity to bring in some extra money right there, although I suppose it could as well be a “break glass in case of emergency” situation too.

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Wonder what’ll come first

1 more copy of Mo to make her NP2 or 2 more of Jarcher to make her NP5

The goal is the former of course, very excited she’s getting rerun