[JP] Fate/Grand Carnival Season 2 Campaign + New IE CE Replacement

Campaign to run from the 12th to the 19th to commemorate the release of Season 2 of Fate/Grand Carnival.

There will be a CE Quest to unlock a commemorative CE featuring the cast of Season 2. There will also be increased FP when using Ereshkigal, Osakabehime, and Mash.

Summoning Banner featuring Ereshkigal and the new replacement for Imaginary Element.

“Winter Crystals” has the same starting NP Gauge effect as Imaginary Element except it has full ATK stats and it will be added to the summoning pool on the 19th after the Season 2 Campaign ends.

Verdant Sound of Destruction will not show up in this summoning banner and will also be removed from the summoning pool on the 19th.


Well, yay for IE’s better replacement, at least. They took their time about it, but players starting after this will be a tiny bit better off.


Are we sure it goes to the gen pool. Wiki says story summon

If it’s story summon only, then I guess clueless newbies and whales who roll it will be a tiny bit better off.


That’d suck as far as a replacement though

Who summons on the story banner enough to get use out of it?


I believe it means the general pool and other sources also say that it’s general pool.

I see no reason why it would be restricted to the Story Banner when it has no story significance. I believe the only Story Banner locked CE’s are those CE’s that are given at the end of each Lostbelt.


If it really goes to the general pool it would be fantastic. That should be the case as they did something similar with the other 4 star CEs they changed a few months ago. But we will see, is DW after all.

Also IE and a few others

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The new Scope is story-locked

I’d consider that a benefit tbh.


They really wanted to make us hate that damn thing, didn’t they?


Wizard Marshal? It’s also general pool.

You can see it being summoned here in the 2nd Morgan Banner


Oh that was my bad. I was looking at a different CE

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I’ll take pure ATK on a big starting gauge CE any time. IE servants often lack just that small ATK addition to meet thresholds.

Now pure ATK 3T PG version, please.


Even more of a discount kscope if it has full atk stats.

I’ve considered leveling an mlb IE while I wait for 6th kscope, but the exp required compared to the atk increase from 4* split stats… I’ve always changed my mind.

Of course since I have 4+ mlb IE now I can think of it as a more useful bomb than a 1 CE…

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This is not good if you managed to collect, say, 4 copies of IE before they add the new version. Now, you will never get an MLB IE, and it will take 5 copies of the new CE to MLB it.

An Eresh banner right before the new Halloween event and the Indian Christmas rerun?


With append skills owning IE or new IE is largely irrelevant on main servants. 50% CEs are the new 30% battery compatible. MLB of the new one will come with time, 4* CEs are not horrendous to collect.

Better bait than CE memories before Spishtar


they should put ie back in but change its stats to full hp, so we have full hp and full atk 4-star and 5-star starting np charge only effect ces

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unless you also don’t have a scope or any other means to mitigate this, this is almost no loss

ie stats sucked absolute ass