[JP] FGO Winter Caravan Online 2021 Vol. 3 Stream + Slapstick Museum Event

Stream to start at 1640 JST, about 5 hours from now. The first 20 minutes or so is just going to be about development of the game, the staff, and other related projects. This Stream should cover the Chaldea Boys Collection 2021 and the White Day event.

The following people will be participating in this Stream:

  • Rumi Okubo ( Elizabeth Bathory, Astolfo)
  • Nobunaga Shimazaki (Arjuna, Edmond Dantes)
  • Toshiki Masuda (Mandricardo)

As part of the Stream there will be a 30K retweet campaign on Twitter for 6 SQ

News Page on the Stream

Winter Caravan Page

Youtube Stream

Live translation by Tolovetrouble on Twitch




Thank you for always posting these!


Every free SQ is always welcome


Let’s make bets of what could the announced this time.
I think that probably is going to be a Rerun, usually after Valentine is a Rerun of something

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Either he has the same name or is a descendant of Oda Nobunaga himself who died before he had a child so that would be impossible

Quetzmas rerun?

Not in the spring, and that one specifically not likely ever again.

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Rerun straight into CBC probably

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Rumi Okubo? Now I have to watch, even if I don’t understand anything.

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just checked a list of events from 2020 and doesn’t look like anything happened between valentine and chaldea boys and the only likely rerun is guda guda yamatai. So I would guess either that or hunting quest

edit: or a new event since the VA of Mandricardo is a guest?

Yamatai is way too early for a rerun so maybe they’ll do another GF or HQ, or dead week

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Isn’t there just a GF before valentine? I am more inclined to believe HQ but there’s a unusual guest too so can’t rule out a new event (or early chaldea boys?)

We got a possible week before CBC, so maybe they’ll do a lite event rerun or something, like Aeneas

isn’t that just the event part of Chaldea boys 2020 though? does that even get a rerun? there wasn’t an rerun for the old spider event is there?

I honestly don’t know tbh, this is DW so anything is possible for them

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Here’s hoping they hint at a LB6 release date, or at least tease some content

Hope they drop a teaser like they did LB5, at least that’ll confirmed some servants/silhouettes belonging to LB6

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:clap: meme :clap:review :clap:

Pre-Stream has started