[JP] Holy Grail Front - My Super Camelot 2021 + LB6 Speculation (possible story spoilers)

Gawain extra attack is so cool :fgo_gawainupset:. Why you didn’t come to my chaldea :’(

(Also this is technically Gareth erasure she hasn’t been buffed either, but she’s not exactly as baked in to the team)


I always treat the team as The Camelot Singularity crew so I tend to forget Gareth exists and so does DW




Tristan looks taller now

Lartoria looks so good now, i was just thinking how she could use an AU after using Gray and seeing her rhongomyniad.

I hope it won’t take us 2 years to get this on NA, it would give me an excuse to use mine again.

Can we expect a second banner?

Ok so obviously Grail Fronts is how DW handles dead weeks BUT

There has to be some real event between now and LB6 lol

What more could there be though? King Hassan?

Something I’ve kept on forgetting to do is post any new changes to Skill names and who you have to fight in the Strengthening Quests to see if there’s any new lore or story bits. Right now I’m using Google translated names and will update with more properly translated ones later.

Lancer Artoria’s “Mana Burst A” has become “Torrent of Light A+”. You end up fighting a bunch of Centaur and Werewolf mobs, Bicorn minibosses, and for some reason Archer Altera and Europa

Tristan’s “Harp of Healing C” has become “Loud Praise of Love A”. You end up fighting a bunch of French and Celtic soldier mobs, Spriggan minibosses, and d’Eon and Saber Diarmuid


Just Merlin. I mean, he’s on the event logo, it’s weird.

so this is why there was that Merlin Fou CE…

Depends how close LB6 really is, maybe it’s right after this?

Well at least grail fronts are fun, i love all events that focus on unique challenges and solos instead of farming.

We know it’ll be in June , but not exactly when. But if it’s right at the beginning I could see something like a week of Grail Front, few days break, then LB6 pre-campaign then LB6.

Problem is you can’t just leave the whole of May to be so dead. There must be something planned.

Sounds like prime time for a Guda5 revival and/or Guda6 to free up October for Halloween? I remember hearing losing out on a Halloween event was something of a sore point last year.

Still waiting for that Case Files rerun. Tho it was said that got delayed to focus on LB6 so idk man.

And I’m on the fence about Guda 5 rerun now since the OG was in Autumn


Will we have an actual Halloween event this year in the first place lol?


…How did I forget about Case Files. It literally just happened.

It does feel like too short a gap for a rerun, but it also feels like DW is flailing a little and is a bit unpredictable right now. Anything could happen.


I wasn’t aware it was scheduled for June, then yeah the grail front isn’t going to be enough.

It seemed like a good time for it though given the Camelot theme, maybe they’ll just release it early… i wish.

I mean, I’m sure all this Camelot love and Medb’s last buff and the almost full year since Castoria’s release are all foreshadowing but it also kinda pushes expectations through the roof.