[JP] KYOMAF 2022 GudaGuda Banner

As part of the KYOMAF 2022 Exhibition, a series of Banners featuring GudaGuda Servants will be released between the 17th to the 25th.

Lineup includes Maou Nobu, Hijikata, Himiko, Okita, Okuni, Okita Alter, Lancer Ryouma, Hajime, Summer Okita, Summer Nobu, Mori, and the CEs from the current GudaGuda Event.


This looks like a pretty great banner.

It would be evet better if it included CE’s from past events
cough PG cough

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Nice one


Didn’t Mori and Okitan get buffs?




So we had “all elisabeth event banner” and “all gudaguda banner” ? Whats next i wonder, all summer servants or all christmas

Jp already got banner with most of summer servants before anniversary.


and after anni like the Kama and Majin one.

Okita’s Costume Dress is now permanently available and free for Players who have completed Solomon. Any Rare Prisms already spent on it will be refunded.

Okita Alter: Kyokuchi A+

  • 1st Skill Strengthened
  • Now adds a (20 - 30)% SP.DMG against Sky Attribute enemies Buff to self (3 turns)

Mori Nagayoshi: Blook-Soaked Recklessness A+

  • 2nd Skill strengthened
  • Duration now lasts 3 turns

Sorry about that, the banner released earlier than usual because of the KYOMAF Stream and they must have added more stuff later.


Okitan one is nice, she is Human so she already have advantage against Sky, so all golden there.
Mori…dies faster? He still isn’t great

You get a like for the serenity gif

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Mori has some crazy steroids, that buff means he can stack 135 atk on his own . Combined with his 100% crit dmg up and star gather, shakes/mori/gong can deliver some serious hurt that outdamage many SRs and even SSR’s. Note that Mori, with his 3* stats, is the only servant requiring SQ in that comp.

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It’s fine my guy, i just thought it was weird you didn’t mention it.

Keep up the good work.

Majin-saaaaaan :fgo_ereshlove:

It’s great she’s getting another buff this fast. Now the question is how great it is in reality. :feh_nahquestion:


I’m so dead.
Not one Nobu received a buff this year. :sob: