[JP] LB 6.5 "Death and Revelation World Traum: Life and Death of a certain Illusion" Pre-Campaign

Pre-campaign to run from May 18th to June 30 to get players ready for LB 6.5 releasing sometime in early June.

There will be a set of limited Master Missions that involve clearing all the various Lostbelts. Complete up to LB6 to receive 30 Bronze Saplings, 300 Mana Prisms, 5 Golden Apples, 3 Rare Prisms, and 1 Lore.

Similar to the Road to 7 Campaigns, it is now possible to complete the Interludes and Strengthenings for Servants related to LB 6.5 even if you don’t own them. Any upgrades from Interludes and Strengthening will apply once the Servant is received. Includes Bradamante, Berserker Vlad, Sherlock, Siegfried, Saber Diarmuid, Rider Astolfo, Berserker Kiyohime, and Salome

There will be a mini Trial Quest that allows players to test out Constantine XI, completion of the quest rewards 1 Ticket.

3 Spiritvein Stones that allow for retries will be given as a login reward, 13 additional stones can be purchased in the Mana Prism store. Stones can be used for Part 1, Part 1.5, and Part 2 up to LB6.

There will be 1/2 AP for Main Quests for LB 5.5 and LB 6. There will also be 1/2 AP until the first clear of Free Quests for all Free Quests for players who have completed LB6.

Pre-Campaign info

Summoning Banner featuring Constantine XI


Bradamante and Astolfo are expected because of Roland, there were some theories that the women on the left was holding a blade that resembled Balmung, Sherlock is very interesting since he’s always technically involved but this goes out of the way to emphasize him, and I believe this will be Salome’s first story appearance?


Don’t forget Vlad will be here too because he has mix history in crusade war.


In reference of the word Traum (as I was unsure of what it meant) it is a prefix in English meaning wound or injury, but in German it means dream.

So a world dream of some kind whatever that is.


I don’t like how Kiyohime is featured.
They completely forced her into Saber Astolfo’s interlude, so I’m expecting the same shitty, unfunny, and stupid dynamic she was there for to show up in this new chapter.