[JP] LB 7 "Golden Tree Sea Journey Nahui Mictlan: The One Who Controls the Planet" Part I General Discussion

Part 1 of LB7 to release on December 25th at 1800 JST and requires completion of the Tunguska Epilogue in order to start. Even though Traum isn’t necessary to start LB7, LB7 will still contain spoilers for Traum. The Summoning Banner for LB7 will start sometime early next year in order to prevent spoilers.


The following topics of discussion are both allowed and encouraged:

  • Previous story content
  • Speculations or theories about LB 7
  • Any new gameplay features
  • The gameplay of the new Servants though there will be dedicated topics for each of them

Regarding Story Spoilers:

  • When in doubt, use Hide Details
  • Basic stuff like the names of people/Servants and locations are allowed
  • Major story spoilers like the appearance of a major/unexpected character, like U-Olga, or character deaths should be hidden and properly marked as major spoilers

Pre-LB7 info


Trying to be a bit more lenient on the spoiler policy this time around since previous threads got pretty confusing having to sidestep around even the basic stuff like Servant names.

Open to thoughts and suggestions on how exactly spoilers should be handled.

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Between Quetz’s implied Foreigner connections, Daybit’s speculated connections and Nitocris being an ally here, the Foreigner conspiracies are shooting off left and right in my brain rn. I’m so excited


This is a new, full main story chapter so spoilers are kinda expected. I’d still prefer to air on the side of caution to be courteous, but that’s just me; the title makes it clear what you’re getting into so they feel like fair game, viewer beware.


Can’t wait for the servants to come out and to find out who daybit’s grand servant really is after all the rumors and speculation stuff I’ve read. We just need Saber and Berserker right? Or was arjuna the grand? I forgot. Just know we got archer, Lancer, castor, rider, and assassin.


Who were/are those brown dudes in aztec gear in the trailer? servants or human?

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Let’s see if Type: Mercury does show up and if it does, how will it be destroyed?

Also, I’ve heard rumors that a Grand Saber version of Artoria is in this Lostbelt, but she’s an NPC. Is this true?

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Animation for the reveal of LB7

News page on LB7 and new outfit for Kadoc


Mash’s 3rd skill of her Ortinax form is getting strengthened

Mash: [ paradox cylinder (Paradox Silinder ) C ]

  • 3rd skill strengthened
  • Now applies Ignore Invincible to self (3 turns)
  • Now comes with a (20 - 30) Crit Star Bomb

Koyanskaya of the Light is also getting a jacketless version of her 2nd Ascension


Godjuna is not a grand servant. It is heavily speculated that Daybit uses a grand berserker but it is merely speculation for now (his servant is as powerful as a grand, but is he really a grand ? that remains to be confirmed).

We should know soon when we meet him in LB7.

The new soon to be servant?




You can’t use her NP, but you can listen to her voice lines for it three times, as I understand?

Da best expression :D


Is there are a Translation for her skills?

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Thank you for the clarification on the wording there.

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Found this on Reddit:

Skill 1: (6 turn cooldown at max)

Reduce skill cooldowns by 2

Locks other party members out of attack hand and reshuffles to only feature her attack cards

Gain 10 Crit Stars

Inflict NP seal and 100% healing down on all enemies (1 turn)

Skill 2: (6 turn cooldown at max)

Inflict 10000 HP burn on all enemies (3 turns)

Grant herself flat 300% NP charge (note: this is default at level one)

Reduces own HP by 1

Skill 3: (4 turn cooldown at max)

Requires 100% NP gauge to activate

Drains all NP from bar

Grants party Buster Up/Invul Pierce/NP Gain Up/Crit Up (3 turns)


【FGO】U-Olga Marie NPC Demonstration - Lostbelt 7 - Fate/Grand Order - YouTube

So she can hit multiple enemies with some of her attacks


Is it true what I’m hearing about…

Gameplay Spoiler

150 being the new max cap for servant level???


NPC U-Olga was level 150 in a fight, so maybe? Ugh, if they won’t give us a way to get coins, I’m not bothering >.<

Yes, she does.

The Buster and Extra ATK are AoE. And correct me if I am wrong, but I remember seeing the Buster Card do an AoE Crit when I was playing through.

Edit: Just checked again, and unfortunately no, the Buster crits only on the selected target. The others get normal damage. There goes my hopes of doing AoE NP level damage with the AoE buster card

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More or less

U-Olga NPC has battle (in a dream? I think?) where she fights the 7 Grand Servants. All supposed Grand Servants make an appearance, but it doesn’t make sense.

Grand Saber = Artoria Avalon (I suppose she has the power to back the title up)
Grand Lancer = Romulus=Quirinus
Grand Archer = Superhuman Orion
Grand Rider = Taigong Wang (was he supposed to be the Grand Rider???)
Grand Caster = Merlin
Grand Assassin = First Hassan
Grand Berserker = A black silhouette of a slender man, with a long tail that has 2 prongs at the end. His left leg is surrounded by a tornado at all times, and he attacks with it and the animation has a large tornado that covers the screen.

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I’ve also read that 6* rarity could be coming…

Power creep LFG…

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