[jp] Mega Halloween event!

“Csejte Halloween Trilogy Ultra Deluxe Omnibus!” event featuring 3 FREE welfare servants:

  • ★ 4 (SR) Elizabeth Bathory [Halloween]
  • ★ 4 (SR) Elizabeth Bathory [Brave]
  • ★ 4 (SR) Mecha Elichan -or- ★ 4 (SR) Mecha Elichan II

NEW Strenthening Quests added for:

  • ★ 4 (SR) Elizabeth Bathory (Lancer)
  • ★ 4 (SR) Elizabeth Bathory [Halloween]
  • ★ 4 (SR) Elizabeth Bathory [Brave]
  • ★ 4 (SR) Mecha Elichan
  • ★ 4 (SR) Mecha Elichan II

Servant Upgrade details

New spirit costumes added to DaVinci shop:

  • ★ 4 (SR) Penthesilea (Berserker of El Dorado)" - “Amazoness CEO set”
  • ★ 3 (R) Robin Hood" - “Summer hunter”

Pictures at the very end!

Google Translate:

“Halloween Comeback Campaign” will be held!

Halloween in Chaldea again!
A new Halloween event will be held in October 2021!
Prior to that, from 18:00 on October 6, 2021, the event “Csejte Halloween Trilogy Ultra Deluxe Omnibus!” will be held to look back on the Halloween events from 2015 to 2017!
This is an adventure part-centered event that looks back on the story of Halloween events held in the past.
In commemoration of the Halloween event in October, we will hold a “Halloween Comeback Campaign”!
In this campaign, new information will be added one after another in line with the new information disclosure of the Halloween event!
Don’t forget to check this campaign as the Halloween gets excited!

Campaign period
October 1, 2021 (Friday) 18: 00-October 31 (Sunday) 23:59

About "Csejte Halloween Trilogy Ultra Deluxe Omnibus!"
“Csejte Halloween Trilogy Ultra Deluxe Omnibus!” Is an adventure part-centered event that looks back on the stories of Halloween events held in the past for the new Halloween event to be held. Please note that there are no elements such as repeatedly challenging quests to collect items or exchanging event items.
In “Csejte Halloween Trilogy Ultra Deluxe Omnibus!”, You can get the following event-limited servants that you joined in the past Halloween events just by advancing the adventure part.

  • ★ 4 (SR) Elizabeth Bathory [Halloween]
  • ★ 4 (SR) Elizabeth Bathory [Brave]
  • ★ 4 (SR) Mecha Elichan or ★ 4 (SR) Mecha Elichan II
    "★ 4 (SR) Mecha Only one of “Erichan” and “★ 4 (SR) Mecha Erichan II” can be acquired.
    Saint Graph and Servant Coins for strengthening the treasure of event-limited Servants that can be subscribed to in “Csejte Halloween Trilogy Ultra Deluxe Omnibus!” will be obtained at the new Halloween event scheduled to be held at a later date. * Only event-limited servants who have officially joined the Halloween event held in the past or “Csejte Halloween Trilogy Ultra Deluxe Omnibus!” can be acquired.

During the following period, when strengthening the servants related to “Chete Halloween Trilogy Ultra Deluxe Omnibus!”, the occurrence rate of great success (double experience value bonus) and maximum success (triple experience value bonus) will be doubled!
Let’s take this opportunity to strengthen the target servants!

I stop translating here, because it’s just summoning and 1/2 AP stuff that doesn’t tie to welfare Liz. LOL

I started last year, so I only managed to get Mecha Eli. Being able to get the rest of the collection is something that I’ve wanted, simply awesome. Not gonna lie, but I’m really hoping that Elizabeth Japan gets added, too!

UPDATE October 6 (Wednesday) 18:00

Machine translation:

“★ 4 (SR) Elizabeth Bathory [Brave]” “★ 4 (SR) Elizabeth Bathory (Lancer)” “★ 4 (SR) Elizabeth Bathory [Halloween]” “★ 4 (SR) Mecha Erichan” "★ A special quest “Servant Enhancement Quest” that enhances “4 (SR) Mecha Elichan II” will be constantly added to Chaldea Gate.

As a quest clear reward, not only will the target servants be strengthened, but you will also be able to obtain Saint Quartz.

Please note that there is no adventure part in the Servant Enhancement Quest.

Additional date and time
Wednesday, October 6, 2021 18: 00-

Opening conditions
You must have the Servant to be strengthened and have it finally come back. If you do not have the target servant, the quest will not appear. There is no deadline for the quest.

Servant Upgrade summaries (in Japanese)

Costumes for Penth and Robin (in Japanese)

Mega Halloween event details!

Event Prologue (in Japanese)

This event is a limited-time event “Singing Pumpkin Castle Adventure-Mad Party 2015-” held in 2015, and a limited-time event “Halloween Comeback! Super Extreme ☆ Large Pumpkin Village-and Adventure” held in 2016. …… ~ ”, a limited-time event held in 2017,“ Halloween Strike! Devil’s Build Climber / Himeji Castle Great Battle ”is an event where you can look back on the story part as a culmination. This event is for the main quest only.

A limited-time event “Csejte Halloween Trilogy Ultra Deluxe Omnibus!” Will be held!
We will deliver the Halloween event held from 2015 to 2017 as a omnibus!

In order to save the master who has completely forgotten only the events of Halloween, a special Halloween stage that simulates successive Halloween venues has appeared in Caldea!

By looking back on Halloween in the past, the master tries to regain his lost memories …? * Corrected at 18:00 on October 6 (Wednesday) In this event, you can enjoy the story of Halloween events held in the past by advancing the main quest.

In addition, by advancing the main quest, event-limited servants “★ 4 (SR) Elizabeth Bathory [Halloween]” and “★ 4 (SR) Elizabeth Bathory [Brave]” will officially join, and will be released after clearing a specific main quest. "[Only one! ] “Mecha Eli-chan” acquisition quest] or "[Only one! ] By clearing the “Mecha Elichan II” acquisition quest, you can acquire one of the event-limited servants “★ 4 (SR) Mecha Elichan” and “★ 4 (SR) Mecha Elichan II”. …

◆ Event period ◆

From Wednesday, October 6, 2021 18:00 to Sunday, October 31, 12:59 * Corrected at 18:00 on Wednesday, October 6, ◆ Event participation conditions ◆

Masters who meet the following conditions can participate ・ Clear “First Singularity: Hundred Years War of the Evil Dragon Orleans”

something nice for those who scroll to the very end

Elizabeth returns … - YouTube

Apparently, she’s Cinderella-themed for some “Three Great Writers” thing coming up…

Cinderella? Cindereli!


Caster Eli is the ONLY welfare I am missing so this is great!!!


I’ve already got the complete set of Eli’s, but I am glad that others can complete their collection.

But… I count 15 rps from welfares this omni event… That’s exciting too! That’s 5 more months of lantern purchases.


This is looking to be a much better alternative to Main Interludes, with the latter’s only advantage being that it’s available all year. I presume we’ll be able to get all NP copies this way? If so, I hope they do more mini reruns like this for other events too. It’s especially good to see this since old welfares can now get Servant Coins outside of Bond rewards


I’m really hoping that Caster Liz gets an skill rank up for 30% self-charge (like Nero). She’s got a Buster AoE, which was great when she released, but the lack of any self charge is kinda painful.

Of course, with the F2P shift to Arts, change NP to Arts [3 turns] would probably be even better. LOL

LOL, called it!

+30% self-charge is exactly what Caster Liz got, no more, no less.


Probably we will get a new liz welfare (Liz Japan I guess) and some new SSR with the proper new Halloween event.


IMO, this is to make up for the lack of Halloween 2020.

If they skip doing GudaGuda events, then I think they’re also obliged to run a GudaGuda mega event. That would also be awesome, because I have no Nobu.

Balance-wise, this is great, because it increases the tools that every player can be expected to bring to the table.


The servant coins stuff is the perfect excuse to rerun every old event with welfares. Let’s hope…


I can finally get my Doragon Steak set wooo


Really interesting to see them rerun old events, really wanting them to run Santa Alter’s Christmas event so I can get that finally Ce copy for a MLB Drunk Jalter Ce. I don’t even care about Golden Sumo anymore, just give me Jalter Ce please DW

Also one I get Caster & Brave then I just need Rider Carmilla for the full set… would have to debate if it’s worth NP5’ing CARmilla tho since the others would be Np5 already too


Maybe now Santa quetz will be dragged out of limbo

and case files but at this point I’ve lost all hope of a real rerun


Case Files was two years ago on JP

It’s highly likely that it’ll rerun alongside Guda 5, Guda 6 and Christmas 6 in the November-December Area

!!! Halloween is baaaack! Huzzah! (^ヮ^)/ I was going through possible future JP events in my head, pessimistic enough to subtract a Halloween event from possibility, but I’m so glad to be proven wrong!


Let’s wait and see what they do with this rerun megamix but for what they have announced so far I’m not sure we will be able to obtain event CEs, being only story and no shop/farming and all…


I don’t know… There is too much stuff waiting for a rerun: Guda 5, Case Files, Xmas 5, Imaginary Scramble… And then there is Xmas 6. Wouldn’t be surprised if they plan to launch a 6.5 chapter related to koyanskaya or any other kind of story heavy event at the end of the year too. There is one servant from all those silhouettes from the beginning of the year still to be revealed after all…


Getting a bunch of completely irrelevant servants for gameplay (except mecha liz by the virtue of her rare class) in 2023. Slow down DW you are spoiling us :fgo_deadinside:

(and if the welfare lizs gets strengthenings before archer nobu someone at DW needs to commit sudoku)

Interesting because I took this event as basically no Halloween event this year. Still got to rerun yamatai so everyone can roll those nobukatsu coins


Now you mention it, I skipped Hokusai and don’t have any plans for any Foreigner except VG.

…Oh wait, I did get a copy of MHXX whilst pulling for the unofficial Foreigner.

Their advantage sucks, sadly. Everyone nukes berserkers, and if the triangle is completed with pretender… grand, they have unique advantage against 1 enemy.


Hokusai with NP levels is really good if we’re talking Foreigner class. She is excellent for CQ’s , but I also enjoy trait damage quite a lot so that could be another reason for my favor of her.

I used her to min turn the summer Waifu CQ from last years summer rerun (this year) with just NP1, she’s good for solo too but NP 2+ is a must imo.


I wonder if they’ll buff Eli’s S2 or S3. Battle Contin has been in DW’s sights for awhile but Torture Tech. seems to be a new target.


Wait seriously?

I thought it was finished with the Fairy Knights and Percival