JP: Merry Poppins' Christmas Carol Lite

It looks like they’re reviving the Nightingale Carol event in October

That seems … a little early?


In other words: No Halloween Events anymore.

What’s DW problem with Samba Quetz? I don’t understand why they refuse to give to the players a rerun

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Well that was pretty soon

It seems like a copyright issue.


I understand it’s last year’s Rerun but…it’s not even November yet. It’s incredibly early. Unless they plan the next event to last over a month, which would be crazy even by this game’s standards.

What’s next? Halloween Rerun in April? Summer Rerun during Winter? :fgo_elementarymydear:

Does this mean that we will be seeing Lostbelt 6 soon and they released the Christmas re-run early to make room?

Wasn’t LB 4.5 supposed to be released before LB 6?

… I’m an NA-only player, but does this mean LB4.5 will literally be a month long?

Nasu mention that they have an event planned that was going to be like a Lostbelt 4.5 so is probably that

Could you elaborate a bit? I’m really curious about it but can’t find any info about the reason why it didn’t have a rerun.

It’s just pure speculation, the theory is on reddit if you want to know more about it

Hmm, it can be new event after the xmash rerun maybe :fgo_mordredthink:

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The early Christmas rerun further breaks the FGO event mold schedule. Aside from the theorized .5 LB, I do hope they have some solid events planned to fill in the schedule gap.

Also, I was hoping for a Christmas Quetz rerun. This somehow confirms that it’ll will never happen.

It took me a second to realize this wasn’t Quetzmas since I thought they might end up doing its rerun early to get it over with without overlapping with other events, but it could have been pushed early for the same reason with a different event. I’m kind of starting to get the feeling that they’re dropping Halloween events since last year’s was replaced with Saber Wars 2 and this year has … well, nothing atm.

Unless they’re trolling us with this trick and they’re holding off on the treat for now

Damn, they really are skipping Quetzmas again. And now Halloween too? I bet they won’t skip a space Ishtar rerun.


Won’t skip it, but won’t be this year.
Since Saber Wars I Rerun happened 2 years after it’s original run, it can be assumed that they are doing the same for Saber Wars II as well.


They must have November already packed if we’re getting the rerun this early.

It’s a shame they decided to drop Halloween completely though, especially after seeing how good Oniland is… they could’ve made so many other different events.


In my opinion, the real shame is that they stopped making Eli’s Halloweens.

Not only it was sort of a meme i really enjoyed. I mean, each Eli Halloween was more crazy then the one before.

But i sort of wanted to get a different Eli-chan for each possible kind of Class.

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Halloween ended for me the moment the new servant wasn’t Lizzy. For me this event isn’t Halloween.