JP Players requested Nito/Scheherazade victory lines on our servers

So that’s the situation, our last chance to know what their victory lines are.

We better do it in the name of EVERY. FGO. PLAYER… also for Nitocris’ FA


I refuse.


I mean… it’s botted like the raids. If DW decides that Schez and Nito aren’t winning a race then there’s nothing we can do about that. The “competition” is a fake anyway.

No way. They should have done it in jp and the other servers.


Is sad indeed but i promised to my King and Emperer that i would cheer for them



If they cared about their victory line so much, they should’ve did it on their own server, they had their chance!

I love Nitocris but I’ll be damned if I’m supporting Scheherazade, I’m a designated member of the Nobu Faction.


I probably should as thanks to regular Nito coming to my Chaldea and helping around with farming, but their nodes don’t feature any of the mats I wanna farm. Maybe in Pt 2, we’ll see.

Weren’t there already a topic on this?

I agree with that.
They shouldn’t expect us to act differently than them besides I doubt it is possible to get enough people involved to shake up the results.
Also if they are so curious the easiest solution is to create an account and try to tilt the scales.

Desert team scored well on two nodes on JP and CN during the initial run so 2.2 and 2.4 might be the best bets.
They do have a single material for 2.2-2.4 so that is a point in their favour.

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Also don’t the lines get added to the servant profiles anyways I know I got all of maid alters and summer umu there

But the problem is that we can’t see the scenes because for some reason DW never added those to the material section, so we can’t see their face expresions


Well good thing I don’t care about nito or schez

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You can put the blame on schez. Nobody cheered for them bc of schez.

I don’t care about mats. I will cheer for them, even though she spooked me 3 frigging times and I do love swimming against the tide.


Suggestion: Let’s cheer for them in Round 2 of Part 1.

1.) It has poison needles, which don’t drop after the main quest.

2.) All teams drop single materials in this phase so there’s no loss in that respect. (Nito and Schez drop Mag Wheels.)

3.) Their enemies are Sabers so drops are easy to boost with the event Servants, which include a lot of Archers, so many players will hopefully have at least one or two good ones leveled for the front line as well as the back.

4.) Come on, let 'em win once.


Huh? It is not, because precisely DW does not care who wins - we already know that victory scenes and voiced lines are prepared for all teams. Bots are used same as in other events - to make sure players do not miss deadline. But competition itself - eh, it is just fanfare. there is no need to bother with making any specific win for DW.


People care about victory lines in this event? :fgo_judge: If anything, it should remain a mystery. Just like Arash’s victory quote.


His victory quote? It’s: “STELLA!!!”


Another thread pushing this crap? I’m pretty sure you’ll see the line if you support her team the most. It’s not some great mystery.

They are talking specifically if they win 1 round not the whole thing

Go go Nitocris!

Love Nito, too bad she is paired with the worst possible option.

Hope she wins at least one round, but I seriously doubt it.

Like others said, if the japs wanted this then they should have done so themselves.