[JP] Prison Tower +Arjuna/Karna Trial Quest Update and new Pure Prisms

New cats?


Gott 'em directly from the cat dimension~




Me to me:
Omg news about AA banner?
I guess not… :breadsive:
But maybe soon? :fgo_insane:


If you already did the Prison Tower you don’t get to to it again, right? So there would be no real point in grabbing Prison Tower with RP and get the rewards twice while getting RP refunded, correct?

FEH kinda has a Pure Prism shop, though it’s harder to buy stuff there.
You can also buy stuff up to a limit, but the shop resets every ~6 months, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the Pure Shop here also resets like, every new year.

It certainly doesn’t seem that you could get Prison Tower rewards again, although they are still pretty good for the cost of 5RP. If you have the RP to spare, I’d say it’s still a worthwhile trade to have the materials now and get the RP back later, especially since this kind of QoL stuff does tend to come earlier for us so it might only be on loan for a year or so.

As for resets on the Pure Prism exchange, I’m getting the feeling they might just be permanent limits, at least for a while yet. 1011 prisms from roughly 6.5 years of retroactive story equates to reaching the limit on a maximum of 10 bronze mats, and even assuming LB7 is going to be mind-boggling gargantuan in scale I can’t see it granting more than another 100 of these, tops, and then the mechanic is dead until they launch the next story arc or add a new acquisition pathway. It seems like its more an anti-frustration measure for new players getting mat-gated by the story than a serious attempt to alleviate farming pressure.


The Tower is only 1 RP? Damn, for some reason I was sure it was 5 RP… :fgo_insane:

Damn, still can’t buy it, as I need all 3 RP from this event to buy another lantern anyways.

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It is 5


Fixed that one - I need to stop posting while I’m only half-awake… but I stand by the point it’s still a good deal if you have 5 loose RP.