[JP] Quirinus vs Caenis

So they released two Buster AoE Lancers in quick succession.
Which Lancer is better in your opinion?

Both are pretty good ones but i think that Roma is better

If we’re talking gameplay, we can’t really make a fair comparison between the two. Roma there is a 5*.

If we’re talking personal preference, I’m not yet fond of either of them. I really want to like Quirinus, but I am completely Roma’d out. I am not fond of his signature quirk, and his face is kind of weird to me. shrug

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Yeah some of his faces are kinda weard

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And tell us your opinion @Oltren

I prefer roma just cause of his design and gimmick seems fun. Also his extra attack at stage 3 ascension is cool as shit

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There’s no contest. Obviously Caenis is better looking and she has a wonderful voice, actually in those two aspects she’s Top Tier material despite the unfortunate NTR background :fgo_davinci_coffee:

Gameplay—> From what i know, Quirinus is basically Arjuna Alter levels of silly potatoes but Lancer. The only Lancers that can look at Quirinus eye to eye is Parvati because she’s broken and maybe Karna against Divine…the thing about that last comparison is that Quirinus is like that against everything, it’s like a Karna who can say “Boys…now you are Divine” and then inmediately hurts them with his Anti-Divine NP.

I’m actively talking myself out of liking Quirinus, because I like Karna much better and already have him NP5 and eventually to be grailed.

Quirinus is a very good Servant, but I’m going to be satisfied with Karna and his interluded NP and other bells and whistles.

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I want to say ROMA, but Caenis is waifu, and I must always be loyal to the waifu.

If is for character, Roma 100% i like the everything is Roma honestly, and he is the Saint of the constelation of Roma the strongest constelation, and he have the voice of Saga one of my favorite characters of Saint Seiya


Also this is gonna be a hot take but I hate caenis’s voice

It’s weird to me cause I always liked Mordred and her voice lines and Caenis is similar but dunno. It doesn’t do it for me


I feel the same about Arjuna Alter to be honest. I mean, he’s super strong, but i already have invested a lot of quartz, grails and gold fous into Raikou so might as well user her…It’s not that i like her or anything :see_no_evil:

Of course that the gap between Raikou and Arjuna Alter is probably larger than this case, but heck i don’t care.


Quirinus has a the highest attack of his class, 30% battery, a charisma+crit buff, three turns 30% Buster with Star weight for but most importantly:

He made her good. I’m extremely biased on his favor. Caenis’ skill set is very generic (exception is 3rd skill), i have her on JP and compared to Spartacus and Kagetora she has barely seen any use.

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Arjuna might be better but i miss the part where that’s my problem. I’m going for that banner because Asclepius is in it, but i’m loyal to Raikou.


I think roma’s 3rd ascension is very cool. The animation is stylish too (that 3rd ascension extra attack!) But his voice just annoys me too much.
Caenis isn’t that much better imo, I guess I will pick roma specifically for gameplay reason.

I like raikou a lot too, but her purple lightning physically hurt my eyes lol That’s why I am going to save for arjuna alter, not to mention his banner also has asclepius and ashwatthama

You don’t like the voice of Saga?

Haven’t watch any saint saiya I am afraid. IMO his voice is good in a vacuum (ya i know professional voice actor) and it suits the character, but it isn’t a voice I would like to hear all the time when farming. completely personal preference

Is ok, the beautiful voice of Roma isn’t for everyone