[JP] Road to 7 (Lostbelt 3)

The Road to 7 is a campaign that is meant to recap Lostbelts 1-6 and to help players get ready for the upcoming Lostbelt 7 release sometime in 2022. Each Lostbelt will have new illustrations created by illustrators who were part of each Lostbelt, a recap video, and a Post Card/Message Board where they can post and reminisce about the previous Lostbelts.

Lostbelt 1

A Spotlight Lostbelt No.1 Talk Show will be held on the 13th at 1900 JST to recap the events of the previous Lostbelts.

The following people will be involved:

  • Kenji Akabane (Kadoc Zemlupus, Watanabe no Tsuna)
  • Rumi Okubo (Elizabeth, Astolfo)

Youtube Stream
「Fate/Grand Order」Spotlight Lostbelt No.1 - YouTube

Live translation by Tolovetrouble on Twitch

New artwork and video
[JP] Road to 7 (Lostbelt 3) - #2 by Psychedeliccreature

LB1 Campaign info
[JP] Road to 7 (Lostbelt 3) - #7 by Psychedeliccreature

Lostbelt 2


Kadoc Illustration by his illustrator, Araya

Ivan Illustration by his illustrator, danciao

Re:Discover Movie Lostbelt 1 with narration by Sherlock


I was just looking at the Kadoc and Ivan illustrations for that, they’re both so good.


Looking forward to seeing more of Salieri outside of the mini trailers/commercials. This is superb!

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I’d prefer if Kadoc did NOT cover Anastasia. Seriously, what a… :fgo_badciv:

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Pfft. I like Nastya just fine, but we have so much art of her, and this piece is great.


An in game Campaign has started for Road to 7. A Campaign based around Lostbelt 1 will run from the 9th to the 16th.

It looks like there’s a new system where you can play the Interludes of Lostbelt 1 related Servants even if you don’t have them. Any Strengthenings unlocked from Interludes will be applied once you’ve gotten the Servant.

Several Recollection and Super Recollection Quests will be availble that will allow you to re-fight certain major fights. Recollection Quests will reward a ticket while Super Recollection Quests will rewards 10 Teapots each. Each Quest is repeatable but will only give their rewards once. Unsure if they are permanently repeatable or only during the duration of the Campaign.

AP for Main Quests for LB1 will be reduced to 1/4, AP for Free Quests will be 1/2 until first clear, AP for Strengthening Quests and Interludes for Lostbelt 1 Servants will 1/2, there will be increased success when upgrading Lostbelt 1 Servants, Lostbelt 1 Servants give more FP when chosen as Support, and Ivan, Anastasia, Avicebron, and Atalante Alter get full screen NPs.

Skill Strengthening for Ivan

  • 1st Skill Strengthened
  • Now comes with a (20 - 30)% NP Battery
  • Now applies a (20 - 30)% Special Damage Buff against Lawful enemies.
  • Now applies a (20 - 30)% Special Damage Buff against Chaotic enemies.

Road to 7 [Lostbelt 1] info

Summoning Campaign featuring Lostbelt 1 Servants, Heretical Yaga on rateup if you’ve cleared LB1, and a preview of CEs that will be eventually added to the general pool.

5* CE: Illusionary Princess

  • Stats: 0(0) HP/ 500(2000) ATK
  • Apply a 60(80)% NP Damage Buff to self if Berserker Class

4* CE: Hana no Rakudo

  • Stats: 0(0) HP/ 400(1500) ATK
  • Apply a 300(400)% Star Weight Buff to self
  • Apply a 8(10)% Quick Buff to self

4* CE: Confession

  • Stats: 600(2250) HP/ 0(0) ATK
  • Apply a 15(20)% DEF Buff against Male enemies
  • Apply a 25(30)% Defensive NP Gain Buff to self


The Tsar’s time has come


Okay Ivan’s buff is good and all but where’s the Anastasia buff?

It’s been nearly 4 years DW


The 3 Recollection Quest are against Salieri and all those Ghosts, the Minotaur, and Anastasia.

Still don’t have exact info on the Recollection Quest differences but the Super Recollection Quest against Salieri multiplied his HP by 10x.


is that Illya on the new 5* CE?

I assume so because the effect targets Berserkers.

Yusss. Ivan buff. Also can’t wait for all the illustrations. Will make for a fine collection.

I was wondering that myself. I thought it was an alter but Illya makes sense now you’ve mentioned it.

So, i guess they’ll do one of these for each LB and potentially buff each King?

So that new 5* CE is BG but with less attack and only works for Zerker… :fgo_illyablink:


I’m guessing they will go with a regular interlude for some of them. This makes me wonder if they will throw all LB servants into new banners… another Skadi and AA banner in a couple of months?

Yeah, I’m disappointed with the lack of Nastya buff. Not like Ivan couldn’t use that battery, but…


The cutscene when opening the game was very good ngl, I really liked it


No debuff, though.

And I guess for newer players it may be easier to get than BG, which (probably) won’t get rate-ups anymore.

But yeah, under normal circumstances BG will remain the better CE.

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