[JP] Sacred Round Table Camelot Movie Pre-Release Campaign

Campaign to run from the 10th to the 24th. Increased FP points when using Camelot related Servants and increased success rate when enhancing Camelot related Servants. There are also Strengthening Quests for Ozymandias, Sanzang, and Bedivere.


  • 1st Skill Strengthened
  • ATK buff now increased to (10-20)%
  • Now also gains 10 Crit Stars per turn when on a Sunlight battlefield ( 3 turns)
  • Now also applies a (20-30)% Crit damage buff to the entire party if on a Sunlight battlefield (3 turns)

Xuanzang Sanzang:

  • 2nd Skill Strengthened
  • CD reduced by 1
  • Now also applies a (10-20)% ATK buff to the entire party (3 turns)


  • 1st Skill Strengthened
  • NP Damage buff increased to (10-20)% and now applies to the entire party (3 turns)
  • Now also applies a (20-30)% NP gain buff to the entire party (3 turns)

Summoning Banner featuring Ozymandias, Sanzang, Da Vinci, and Bedivere


Ozy now have solar panel :fgo_gudako:


Charisma and Tactics buffs on the same batch!


Ozy’s buff is sort of weird. Couldn’t he apply Sunny then to himself as Gawain does? -_- Oh well. Anyway. Ozy got a buff :D

And I’m glad that Bedi got party NP gen. Just because why not, he can as well be a bit more useful to his teammates.


Great, now do the animation update for Ozy DW

These are all nice buffs, and I appreciate them.

At the same time, where is the Arash and Cursed Arm buff? :fgo_gaooo:


Sanzang buff right before barbatos raid comeback in jp, nice :fgo_gudako:

Ozy’s buff is sort of weird. Couldn’t he apply Sunny then to himself as Gawain does? -_- Oh well. Anyway. Ozy got a buff :D

Fair point, Ozy has the authority of the sun, right? Makes way more sense for him to be able to cause the sun to shine than it does for Gawain. Pretty sure Gawain has no reasoning for it other than gameplay, otherwise he would just always be invincible.

Well, maybe he’ll be able to summon the sun with an NP buff or skill buff later on, but for now try not to leave your Ozy out at night.


Lol they made Ozy a dedicated Gawain support, how odd

In seriousness though, a good round of buffs. Sanzang can do a bit better on her DPS/tank dual role thing, Bedi has better team utility and even Ozy at least gets a full value Charisma now, and sunny fields aren’t super rare either.


Skills that are reliant on battlefield type are always gonna be unnecessarily difficult to use. Gawain exists but using the two of them together feels like a weird lineup.

Can’t really complain about a generic ATK buff but adding it onto her Taunt skill feels weird. The reduced CD does help with the down time between ATK buffs but do people really use Sanzang’s Taunt that often?

Increasing the duration of the NP damage buff makes it more convenient to use so that players aren’t worried about having to line up multiple NPs in 1 turn to make the most of it. His Quick card NP gain is a bit low but for the most part Bedivere has pretty average NP gain for his deck type. The NP gain buff should bring it up to above average and combined with his NP battery, he should be able to use his NP multiple times with the NP damage buff.


I mean, I’d rather the Sun King brought his own sunlight but at least that’s a wider-used field type than burning and waterside which you encounter in bulk in certain areas then barely anywhere else.

Field meta when DW


It’s also a good excuse to throw Ozy a second buff in due course, where he gets his field change and something else. Perhaps a chunky Buster buff, or even a generation buff since his NP gen is pretty solid as is. Not to say they will, but they might.

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So old Gawain problem did not disappear, it just migrated to Ozy of all people :fgo_gudako:
Also disappointed that no buff for Lartoria again… Come on DW, she is the “star” of movies and has super vanilla kit without even NP interlude…


The star of the movie is bedi tho, but still im agree with lartoria need buff. They probably buff her in LB6

I need a list of every buff people assign to LB6 just to see how many will be disappointed if there are none :feh_nini:


Hey it is the villain that makes the story :fgo_megane: Also I doubt that Lartoria will even appear in LB6 (seems like Castoria territory) or ever again for that matter - she seems one of completely forgotten Servants story\event wise :fgo_pout:

Atlas Academy also found artwork of some of the Camelot Servants in formalwear that was previously shown on Stream. Probably be used as those commemorative CEs that give +50 Master EXP


I WISH she didn’t appear but the only servant that has connection to rhongomyniad is lartoria so there’s probably a chance that she appear in LB 6.

Sanzang’s buff could come you know…before the barbatos raid?

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If Servants are becoming more reliant on field effects then we need some relevant supports… Ba’al/Horus/Freyr would be cool.