[JP] Summer 4 Las Vegas Walkthrough (v1.0)

They’re the same for me. 8 and 10 slots respectively for the current ones.

Took a while and had to reinstall my drivers.
I think I took these in the correct order.

If you need any screenshots or extra info regarding drops and quest stuff, let me know. I’m currently up to as far as f2p and limited ce’s as possible. Will be glad to help since you already do so much for the community.

Ah, sorry, but the individual data isn’t that useful. The non-drop data is easy to gather by myself. Thanks for the offers though.

Also updated the walkthrough with the farming nodes and putting in a QP maximization table.

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Alright, it’s left the draft mode. QP Maximization and other topics are now available as well.

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This made my day. Best. Stage. Ever. Made.

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The additions to the guide looks great.

Not many new missions with this gate.
Mission 67 appears to be a kill 15 Kings, I hope that the new Himeji VIP node has one or it will be slow to reach the QP goal.

Also I took some screenshots to compare how much the coin monster drops.
At the 40Ap Assassin node it rewarded me with 606 QP.

This in story mode will be useful, since i have a limited number of CE

Guide is fully up to date again. I wouldn’t worry about mission completion yet, too many unknowns and I have a feeling almost everything will be completed by the time we get to 8/26. The QP gates are rather strict.

The more i fight Jason in this Event, the more i want to Grail 100 him and using him to do all Singularityes.

He is just so…clumsy, hilarious. (NP’s best animation! I always laugh when Atalanta kicks him)

Carmilla… aren’t the developer a bit going over the top?

No need to let kids know so soon what BDSM means… :sweat_smile:

Mmm… i’m already at 73 Millions point in the event. 93 millions will be quite easy to get as well

… well that is a flashback to CCC.
Didn’t expect to see Kingprotea.

I hope that I have a support Enkidu on my list.

… I guess it stops after 5 turns?

Kingprotea was a bit hard without the rigth team…

Anyway, the penguin stage has to be farmed a lot because each time i clear it, i see updated mission counters

Just the usual 10 runs really. None of the missions so far haven’t auto-completed by completing 7-8 runs of their respective VIP levels.

Walkthrough and Mission List are up to date again. Finally, was a lot of work for a Sunday.

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Slowly reaching the point limit of 130.000

i’ll say that probably we are almost done. I mean, i hope that the max would be like 150.000 points.

Finally, reached the 123k point cap. Until tomorrow when the next batch of main quests open, i’m done

Got this, the most important CE, as a drop in the Fever quest of the Shark Casino.

So, if you need it farm this location. If i found it in the Fever stage, it can be found even in the normal stage. Probably.

Anyway, i can MLB it now. Good for summer Melt or Summer Hokusai since it boost Art card critical strength.

That is perfect :joy:
The 10 Eggs this event provides was more than I anticipated, I need to hurry up and finish mission 16.
Still there is an awful lot of QP gates to continue the main quest.

On another note I feel that the event shop doesn’t have much in stock.

It might be better to wait and MLB it later. It should work with the Fever quests and give you additional bonus enemies.
If I remember correct one VIP difficulty bonus enemy dropped 600k QP so if some extras don’t spawn that is a pretty large amount of QP that is flushed down the drain.

Sure, i say that i MLB but i mean at the end of the event. Reason is simple: bonus that stack by having 5 copy of a CE is much more than the bonus of a single MLB CE.

Using MLB CE in an event is good only if you have like 4-5 copyes al MLB of the same CE.

I’m still farming for QP but i’m almost Done. I’m around 190k.
I suggest you to clear the Penguin stage many times, with a Kuro if you can to speed things up.

Anyway, there is a Challenge Quest that rewards you of 12 millions of QP. But i have not a party good enough to clear it:

Saber Lily - Merlin - Rama

All 3 of them with 2 bars. Merlin Garden’s of Avalon make them gain NP charge pretty fast.
When you kill a bar, they get a Damage cut unremovable that greatly reduce your damage.
Merlin also likes to use party invulnerability. And Merlin at the begin of the combat decrease your party def.

Ah. I gotcha. Should have figured you meant it that way.

I’ve done that a fair bit but now I’m hunting Lancers with a support Okita.
At this point I’ve cleared most of the shop so I can pick supports with a damage CE. The lancer class also allows me to abuse Hokusai’s innate damage boost to quickly kill enemies.

I’ve finished it but my hyper-offensive team required a CS revive but at that point their defence was gone so Arjuna blew them up easily.
A stall team might have worked better.

The damage cut was annoying but I almost killed Lily with crits so it isn’t perfect… the random teamwide np charge was the worst part of it.
Merlin’s Illusion was also bothersome.