JP Tier List

I can’t seem to find an updated JP Tier List anywhere. After years I’ve finally started A JP account and on my reroll got 2 4*'s but neither were Herc. I did get SSR Europa through story banner with the free tickets and I know it’s selfish but I’m not sure whether to reroll for Herc or if she’s good enough and worth it to continue through with the account.

Not that tier lists are all that, but Appmedia’s is fairly logical:

And I don’t see rerolling just for Herc when you nabbed an SSR unless you really don’t like her. It’s not like you can’t borrow him or a comparable endurance beat stick if you really need one.


Thank you

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People no longer cares for tier list nowadays. Roll whoever you like, then let double castoria carry them.

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You will be happier for rolling Europa rather than Nemo

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No Herc

Lol you got 2 4* servant’s from your first 10-roll

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Shouldn’t have rolled story banner

Isn’t the first 10 pull in the story banner mandatory?


Nursery Rhyme really does look like a CE doens she?

Also yes, what the poster above me said.

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you cant get a 5 star from that mandatory pull afaik


Damn 3 SR from the tutorial 10 roll? :fgo_illya:

I see it as a sign of goodluck, and I got Voyager from 1st day ticket :fgo_alterawiggle:

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Tier lists are highly unreliable. cause they will never always be accurate for every node you face. There are times when a D tier servant can get far more use than even the A+ ones simply cause the node is built for them. Other than supports(Who should always be levelled) its best to just make comps for each node.
Case in point: Marie who is traditionally treated as useless even with skadi is Simply one of if not the best Option for 3ting Gilfest 2s first Rotation. My NP2 one clears it without a hitch with Skadis,Helena and a scope. And her NP animation is fast ,paired along with the fact she needs no skill clicks on her side makes her run one of the fastest for the node. top 5 easy. Only person who may be better for the node is surfmo but she needs even more investement than Marie for consistency. Lesson here is even a “so-so” servant like marie has times where she rises above the rest