[JP] - Unreleased Servants First Impressions

And the still-to-be-released Servant that are probably going to be released next week have also been added:

On a personal note, this was our first time punching out these profiles as fast as we could, while also doing some quick writeups and analyzing the kits in front of us. We’ve learned a lot though, and hopefully we can bang these out a bit faster next time. Although…I dread the upcoming Summer influx of Servants.

I haven’t even been able to do more than spend some SQ for summoning!

Anyway, these “part 2” Servants seem pretty impressive and have some neat animations too.


good thing they buffed raikou,this arjuna seems kinda strong


HOT DAMN, Asclepius not only looks awesome but his skill set and NP is absolutely ridiculously broken! Team wide 20% NP gain and Debuff removal and an NP that grants guts AND HP regen … Grailing as soon as I get him …

Arjuna Alter … seems like the perfect AoE berserker, though I was surprised that his Guts and HP regen for 3 turns was considered unimpressive, but I guess that 7 turn CT is pretty long for a glass cannon.

Seriously can’t wait for this Lostbelt … also Karna’s super saiyan god mode costume. Oomph


Seriously like this new 4* archer with an unpronounceable name (Hijikata, yuri rider duo, say “hi” to your new “hits harder when almost dead” brother!). Hm, maybe Wolves of Mibu will be a good CE for him since it too boosts quick and buster cards.

Also, 3* support that good? Amazing.

And with this, Spartacus finally gets competition as an AoE Berserker with an instant NP battery. That alone makes Arjuna already powerful for farming. But he can dish out some serious single target damage too.

In practice 2000 HP is 1000 HP after all for Berserkers. But who needs survival with Bustermeme blast-o.

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between @Sizzle if you had to classify each one of them in the current tierlist ,how would you rank them ?(of course without the np gain for example it would be hard to judge them but with the infos we have where do you think each one of them should belong)

It wouldn’t really work so well - Skadi isn’t out and the list ought to have changed quite a lot by then. I can give you some snap judgement though. These are entirely my own and not the team’s:

  • William Tell: T2/3 --> Loads of competition and lacks a true niche to set himself apart. But I think he might be better than Robin overall and perhaps easier to use for newbies. I need more experience.
  • Ganesha: Seems quite bad so far. Not used yet, probably very low. I’m reserving my judgement but you can guess where I lean towards.
  • Lakshmi: I’ve not worked on her yet, just looked her over quickly. Mine is still level 1, but won’t be for long. Without Skadi-looping I am thinking T3/4. Still, only Quick AoE NP among Sabers, that bring some interesting synergies.
  • Buster Archer: Seems very good, might require some thought to use, which I appreciate. T1/2 probably, but heavy competition and so on.
  • Arjuna: Hard to say, I reeeaaallly like NP charging, more so on a Berserker. Here’s where out general list tends to falter. I’d say T2/3 for sheer farming yumminess. But who knows!
  • Caster: We’ll need to see what NP Gain he has, but that’s instant Tier 1 for NP charging for me. I don’t even care what else he does, so to speak. We have so few f2p Supports for this kinda stuff.
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yep thanks for the answer, yeah i agree with all those ratings,the new caster is an insanely good ftp support and i really like both archers.
Good thing they buffed mama or else i think arjuna would be better(well i think they’re pratically on the same level after mama’s upgrade),i also don’t really like Ganesha ,a tank mooncancer is not a bad idea but i would probably prefer to bring either mash or george
lakshmi as you said will probably be skadi reliant
But it’s really great that they made 2 strong 3star servants not just one


I’ve always wondered if Robin Hood and William tell weren’t just retellings of the same legend, so that we can compare them like this was a pretty smart play from the designers.

rip sita fans

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I really have to admit that I wasn’t very impressed with Part 1 Servants. Are they good? Oh, probably, just not servants I see myself preparing for in the future nor saving up for (I don’t really play JP despite owning an account there, after being so far in my NA account, starting a new one is… hard for me. In just about any game, anyway. It’s like… do I really have to do this again? ><)
Now, Part 2 servants… I’m not sure if it’s been confirmed or stated anywhere, but I have the bad feeling that the 3-star is going to be story-locked. If not, this banner is the best chance to get them to NP5, if only to get that higher HP regen and guts regen. I know I’ll be rolling this banner just for him in the future. Arjuna Alter looks like a monster, and Ashwatthama looks pretty good, so I wouldn’t mind getting them.

Honestly, I should proooobably start trying to play JP… even if it’s hard to ‘restart’.

Eh, I think T2 is fine. Potentially replaces Altera the Sun(ta) in the farming setups I’ve got by letting people use Mecha Eli-Chan or Jeanne Alter (Berserker) in Wave 3 since he can enable Arash to NP with a 50% CE like GS/HNS/AD while using a Support Merlin instead of a Support Waver (though, if there are multiple enemies in Wave 3, you’ll probably still need to use Support Waver to charge the AoE NP. At least your single target NP only needs 20% from Support Waver’s 2nd and 3rd skills). Probably weaker than Paracelsus for 3 turn NP refund farming setups because of a lower NP Gain up buff.

Mostly an interesting cheap option for challenging fights.

if that caster isnt story locked, legit ripppppppp schez and iri :lul:

im guessing arjuna alter is suppose to be used as by activating all 3 skills
and with the stars you gathered
your buster cards post np will deal large damage, due to 3 different power mods?
damn, arjuna finally is meta :pog:
rip raikou

tfw this archer is what geromio’s kit should have been reeee
dude also seems quite potentially broken ::pog:
but we need his stats and np gain to see first

ill comment on the 3 released ones later or when my sugar daddy pays for my gacha :blush:

Not everyone has access to all welfares though, we cannot assume people can use Altera instead sadly.

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Hot Wheels seems really amazing.

Can anyone tell me if we’ll be able to get that Karna costume later on?

Yes, you get it after clearing Lostbelt 4.

Yes. Check and grab the costume item in your present box after completing LB4, then purchase it from the costume shop.

Fair enough. Shakespeare only goes so far since you can rarely use him for either Wave 2 or Wave 3 clearing, mostly there to buff.

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karna not using stand arrow to become karna requiem