[JP] Upcoming LB 6.5 "Anti-Primate Ecosphere: Tunguska Sanctuary" Event

The upcoming LB 6.5 Event featuring Koyanskaya will be coming up in late December and requires LB6 completion in order to participate.

6.5 Event Page

6.5 PV

English Subbed PV

To help players prepare for the event, the 3rd Main Quest Clear Support Campaign will be held. Campaign will be held from December 1st to the 31st and will involve the following:

  • New set of Limited Master Missions. 6SQ for clearing LB6 Section 1 and 1 Lore for completely clearing LB6.
  • 1/2 AP for LB6.
  • 10 more Spiritvein Stones are added to the Da Vinci Shop.
  • Main Quest Clear Support Campaigns 1 and 2 are still active to help players get through LB 1-5.5.

Update game mechanics:

  • The time for the NP Cards to pop in will be shortened, and cards respond faster when touched.
  • A new game option that allows players to disable the confirmation dialog that sometimes appears when selecting a quest.

Main Quest Clear Support Campaign Page

Also a new CE has been added to the Da Vinci shop. “In Search of the End of Eternity” features Hinako and will be available from December 1st to February 28 and will cost 5000 Mana Prisms for all 5 copies. At MLB, it increases FP amount gained from supports by 25 and increases Master EXP by 5%.

CE Page


Google translate has it as Lebensraum Tunguska Sanctuary. I’m kinda uncomfortable with the usage of Lebensraum so I’m going with Ecosphere like Neobenedict uses in their video.


Yass! More potential for new Russian servants!


They better deliver for Koyanskaya conclusion. I’ve been waiting for this since we got 5.5.

Generally I do not spoil myself on story stuff from JP as I want to experience it on NA. However I’m gonna make a big exception for this one.


I’m glad LB 5 released today
And LB6.5 at late month
I can enjoy both :fgo_thatbishtar:

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They seeded Tunguska back in LB1 :eyes:

Excited to see how this turns out!


I’m kinda hyped not only cause we’re getting Vitch’s story, but also cause judging by the name of the event I have a copium on who could show up next as a servant :eyes:

LB6 Spoilers


Were those lahmu in the PV? With gatling guns in their chests?


It definitely looks like a Lahmu with a gun with the no eyes and huge teeth thing going on. Koyanskaya would definitely be interested in the Lahmu since they were created by a Beast and because of the way they tortured and messed with humanity.


Very excited about this, interesting setting. Would be nice to see a bunch of new russian servants.

Now I can clearly see who the the limited servant for New Year’s will be… :fgo_yorokobe:

BTW, does that mean they are skipping Xmas this year…? Are they gonna rerun Xmas 5 at least or not?

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Still no information on what’s going on with Christmas. If by late December they mean the literal end of the month, then yeah I can potentially see Christmas and the rerun being able to fit beforehand but the rerun would have to start immediately.

I’ll announce if anything happens in the next couple of days.


We could potentially see no new Christmas event this year.


Yeah… I think they are gonna skip Xmas this year, honestly. I can see them announcing this beforehand to minimize the backlash of no new Xmas or something.


Hmmm… Anti-Primate… are we getting Primate Murder? Fou Beast Mode? :fgo_mordredthink:
I haven’t really kept up with the story much, so just tossing a random idea out there with very little basis

You have to admit it would be pretty entertaining to see Fou have a rematch with Koyanskaya but with both of them as kaiju-like Beasts. :fgo_fou_kick:


No I want to forget these fuckers ever existed


That line in 5.1 section 11.3 or whenever it was makes me think there’s more to fou that we still haven’t seen, yeah

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The prospect of a new Beast is always exciting~

Got halloween for Christmas this time around huh~

Just do a super Christmas rerun like Halloween had, problem solved. Update Quetzmas lotto and run it as the Winter lotto.

Or run it in January, they already did a September Summer. Admittedly their Summer runs into Sep but shhhh. Seasonals out of whack the time has come!


If the new Christmas event ends up being Russia themed, they could run it in January just after New Years (tbh I just want an excuse for DW to add Christmas Helena to mobile… :catlie:).


Just some theorizing about Daybit.

Why do I think he might show up? Because of this line from LB4:

“…While I was at it, I thought this would be a good chance to ascertain the extent of this woman’s abilities. They did not come cheap, but you needn’t worry about that.”

Not really spoilers but speculaton on Daybit

We know(?) that Daybit contracted a Grand Servant. We also know that Koyanskaya is a Beast candiidate (or, assuming from this chapter, she’s a full-fledged beast). So the obvious connclusion is that Daybit is somehow against Koyanskaya, even if he’s not necessarily on our side.

Okay. So, a few other possibilities—

  1. The Beast is actually someone else, (like whatever is fused with Sherlock).
  2. Such a Beast already exists in Daybit’s Lostbelt
  3. The Beast is Romani/Goetia of some other neutral agent
  4. The Grand servant was summoned in response to the alien god, who is obv a thread to humanity
And Olympus spoilers

Yes, I know U-Olga Marie is a Beast.

But anyway, let’s assume it’s Tamabitch.

Anyway, I’ve been digging around to see who people think Daybit’s servant is. We don’t have any info on it except for what LB4 gave us in this scene; even JP, I think, doesn’t have any more info than this.

A common theory for his servant is the Aztec deity Tezcatlipoca. Here’s a summary from Reddit:

(Sounds like the Shinjiface nobody wants.)

And here are the Quetz materials in question.

So this is tenuous at best, but I thought it was worth sharing.

Am also curious if we’ll get any hints about the long-running theory that OTR shows up in LB7 and what Tamavitch’s plan is for that