JP Valentine 2020 information

English translation of the news:

Kira Kira Archer is revealed to be Sei Shonagon who was a Japanese author who happened to be in a rivalry with Murasaki.


The new servant looks so fabulous! It’s still so far away from NA though… Is Shikibu next year’s Valentine then?

Sparkling (kira kira) Queen also got animation update and strengthening…

Her charm now also affect female + attack up and lower CD.


According to the JP schedule, NA’s Valentine 2021 should be Shikibu and then 2022 should be Shonagon


I’m glad that dw is finally acknowledging the fact that marie is the most bi attracter in fgo


Ko gil had it fir- O H N O

It seems the charm isn’t even limited to humanoids now. So it goes well past boys and girls.
With Marie, anything goes.

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Caesar also got an NP buff, which I welcome.

Caesar’s NP Strengthening:

  • Improved base damage
  • Now gets a buff success rate buff where its rate is higher based on how low his HP is (1 turn)
  • Now gets a buff where there is a chance he can get an atk up buff every time his NP hits (up to 5 times; lasts 1 turn) (note that his NP is 10 hits)

Really like that they’ve decided to play around more with these NP’s that have a chance to apply a buff/debuff for every hit. Literally the only other Servant that has that property is Summer Medb.

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Finally Marie will receive some much needed love! Vive la France! :smiley:


Because NP with fewer hits aren’t screwed enough alr.
Oh, and also they released a buff success chance increase CE straightaway.

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I need all these event ces

especially the illya+iri and kama+parvati ones

How did I miss that?? :sweat_smile:
Hope they have decent values as Hans and Lanling could use them.

It’s the SR 2250 HP 10/15% buff succ. CE. IMO it doesn’t really matter much. I’d sooner equip Bodhisattva on Hans if for some reason I’m hoping he’ll get deleted after popping his buffs, or 2030 for star regen or Ox King for for myriad buffing, or Carp-likes for star bombing, than maybe almost-guarantee his buffs land. I don’t see Lanling as too different (and when you don’t need the charge for your point and can slap it on him you’re guaranteeing buffs anyway). I might be missing something as can happen, but the trade-off always seems too great in these cases and this is the best buff chance up CE yet.

The other problem with these sort of Buff Chance increase CE’s is that they only increase the user’s chance. So say you want to increase the chance for Hans’s NP to hit, you would need to equip the entire team with these types of CE’s meaning you would be sacrificing more valuable CE’s for an increased chance that still isn’t guaranteed.

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It is a travesty the event CE is mixed stats.

The event CE gives 50% starting NP, 15% NP strength up, and Sure Hit. The art is even damn nice with mama Iri and Illya. Of course DW go and ruin this promising CE with mixed stats.

@Psychedeliccreature I overlooked that somehow, but yup, that’s also super important.

@L11 I cried inside before even seeing the effects. Then I saw such a beautiful CE wasn’t just split-statted, but also had actually good effects.


I just remembered a similar CE featuring Iri Halloween Princess is also mixed stats. Not sure if this is some unfunny gag DW is trying to play…

Huh, just realized that every CE that has Iri, or some variant of her, has an NP damage boost effect.

I mean, she is a grail