Jugg of sinobi?

Which is better juggernaut of sinobi?
My sinobi is 2ub and jugg is mub.

Need some advice which dragon i need to use on which unit.
My shadow units are gleo, ieyasu or natalie, curran and yaten. And the dragons are mub mari, mub juggernaut, mub silke and 2ub sinobi.

Thank in advance,


I’d say give Mari to Ieyasu (obvious), Shinobi to gleo(skill dmg feels nice), Silke to Curran (just because he’s axe, I like to give them some bulk since they’re not as mobile as swords or blades) and Jugg to Yaten (Overall Natalie is just as good IMO, but She’s a bit more gimmicky to use)