Jumpluff doesn't make the Great League tier list? AT ALL?!?

I usually don’t comment on tier lists, because they are arbitrary, compare apples to oranges, and tend to reflect the author’s biases. But seriously, how does Jumpluff, with a pretty ideal stat distribution, and a moveset & typing that counter some other top contenders (e.g. Venusaur, Meganium, Umbreon) NOT EVEN MAKE THE LIST???

I’m guessing lack of adequate tiny bar charged move. DG takes a while, Solar Beam takes forever, and Energy Ball is so poor it’s almost just not worth it. Which makes me sad. I have a 1498 ‘pluff.

Mainly moveset, bullet seed is meh at best on PVP, energy ball and dazzling gleam both are plain bad, low damage per energy and high energy need even for 2 bars moves, no flying fast or charge doesnt really give a big edge against grass. I dont even need to run the simulation to see how Venu can eat it for breakfast (Sludge Bomb), meganium and umbreon probably will lose but not by a lot. On a neutral match wont win much.

  1. Bad moveset 2) What it counters others counter better 3) What counter it are already rampant in GL
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Nice tries, guys, but wrong. Take a look at some of the Tier 4 & 5 pokemon, and it’s pretty clear that Jumpluff was simply overlooked. It’s bulk is nearly unmatched, and the combination of moveset and typing is actually quite good for countering and/or resisting top Great League threats.

On second thought, forget I said anything. Yeah, Jumpluff sucks for Great League. Nothing to see here.

Altaria shreds Jumpluff in all but a 2 shield vs. 0 shield scenario
Skarmory wins 100% of the time
Alolan Sandslash wins 100% of the time
Venusaur wins all in but a 2 shield vs. 0 shield scenario
Meganium wins with shield advantage
Umbreon wins with shield advantage

What was that about countering or resisting top Great League threats? Heck even against Lucario, Jumpluff only wins with shield advantage.

Doesn’t know that April’s fool day could be played in January

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I’d say it has its niche value but not against the mons you specified. Unfortunately even then it’s overshadowed by Tropius :(

Well, you can make any pokemon look bad by cherrypicking matchups and shield scenarios.

Head to head, no shields, Jumpluff beats Umbreon, Sableye, Zweilous, Hypno, and Meganium from the upper two tiers of the list, and I only checked a handful of matchups from those tiers. Obviously, it has some bad matchups as well. And yes, it loses to Venusaur with sludge bomb. But again, leaving it completely off the list in favor of pokemon like Kingler, Sharpedo and Tauros, is just plain sloppy.

Well, Kingler at least can run Crabhammer + X-Scissor, which is godly. Kingler can probably get one of each off before ’Pluff can get to DG or SB, and will likely shield Energy Ball. If anything, ‘Pluff is a perfect candidate for one of them there move rebalances, since it can learn not only Grass Knot but Fairy Wind. Both would dramatically change its performance in Go.


I did the complete opposite of cherrypicking. You claimed Jumpluff beat top Great League Pokemon and named a few specifics. I gave you the top Pokemon and the specifics and gave you every shield scenario. Jumpluff is junk but you go ahead and use it.